Writers Block and the MAD Blog Awards

Well I’ve tried a lot of things to overcome my writers block. “Free writing” was first. This is a technique that involves writing anything down without thinking about it, even if it’s just random nonsense, and eventually, spontaneously, literary works of genius will spring forth from eager fingertips like magic. So why did I end up with a mostly blank page apart from the words “Free writing is silly and I’m not convinced it works dibby dibby doooooooooooooooo Holly and Phil” (This Morning may have been on in the background.)

Next up – self pitying Tweets along the lines of “lost my blogging mojo – I may retire” then sitting back and waiting for the plethora of tweets back from distraught readers begging me not to throw my talent down the drain. UNBELIEVEABLY these were not as forthcoming as I’d imagined.(Although a big thank you to the one response of “Oh shame: you’re quite funny.”) 

Third attempt – Turning to the very reason I started to blog in the first place. My inspiration. My light and my life. My daughter, Grace. Here’s a rough overview of the Giblet’s current state of play:

What’s hot

  • The Haka – famous war dance of the New Zealand Ruby team.
  • Hitting Mummy and Daddy (long and fractious post likely to follow regarding this.)
  • Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.
  • Her flower bracelet – which is causing some uncomfortable moments as she insists that anyone and everyone “Look at Grace’s flower.” 
  • Trying to poo in the garden like Fizz and Badger (dogs)
  • Cocking her leg up to fart.

What’s not –

  • Mummy’s cooking – nothing new there then.
  • Sharing.
  • Anything Daddy tells her to do.
  • Napping in the day to give Mummy a minute to do anything – let alone blog.

So as you can see, she’s not exactly festooning me with treasured stories of childhood adorableness to bestow upon the world.

So, next source of ideas? The blogging community. There are groups on Facebook, link ups and forums a-plenty. Now THAT should inspire. . . Nope, nothing happening. Well, actually, plenty happening, just nothing I could understand.(Did you ever used to watch the Peanuts cartoons? Y’know when Charlie Brown and Linus and co. were in the classroom sat at their little school desks? You never actually saw the  teacher, but his/her voice would be some generic, trumpet sounding, nonsensical noise? Well that’s how I feel when I see all the techo-jargon that other bloggers are asking each other. Status’ like”Hi all! does anyone know how to whah whah whah SEO  whah whah GOOGLE + whah whah whah whah plug-in whah whah traffic . . . ” etc etc make my eyes glaze over and the trumpeting in my head begin.) ***Sigh*** 

In short – I felt like I’d kind of reached a plateau. To take my blog further, I needed to get better at the technical stuff. The technical stuff BORES me. Spot the catch 22. I can’t even set up a linky (but I DO know what one is now so there is some progress!)

And then someone told me I’d been nominated for the MAD Blog Awards. TWO of them no less: Best Family Life Blog and Blog of the year! Well bugger me! Now I learned this way too late to do anything about it. I will not be canvasing for votes, and I am but one of many nominees, BUT – it means that someone likes what I write. Someone likes what I write enough to nominate me for an award. . .

OOOOoooh what’s that feeling? . . .

. . . the words are slowly swimming into my head . . .

. . . the fingertips are twitching . . .

The Mojo returneth!

Because that’s what it’s all about isn’t? Someone enjoyed reading it. I may only ever get so far with this whole blogging malarkey – not knowing my arse from my SEO will no doubt be something of a hinderance until I pull my finger out and learn some of that stuff.

But maybe that’s ok.

Maybe I should just write.

And so I shall part this post with a big old THANK YOU to whoever it was that nominated me – I hope you are reading this. I doubt much will come of the MAD blog Awards, but you have re-ignited a little spark I was starting to think was blown out for good. I would like to – at this point – finish with some learn-ed and wise quote about the power of the written word, or the depths of the literary mind, but I don’t know any off the top of my head, and I really need a poo.

I may however, run though an acceptance speech or two, clutching my shampoo-bottle-award whilst on the john 🙂




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15 responses to “Writers Block and the MAD Blog Awards

  1. Yay! Love this post for so many reasons!

  2. nickietypecast

    You do make me giggle. Welcome back!

  3. Love it, I agree with you in many things and just to be nominated is a wonderful feeling, well done and hope you get somewhere xxx

  4. Emma

    Fab post! I shall bookmark you- you’re great. I’m in the same boat re awards- no mission but isn’t it great to be nominated? Well done for getting your mojo backxx

  5. Hurrah! (BTW, did you find my mojo while you were at it please?)

  6. Such a lovely read. The Mojo comes and goes I find – glad you found something to kick start it into action again 😉

  7. Great post! Glad your mojo has returned!

  8. Glad to see you are back from someone who is also just back! Bloody bloggers block – curses dagnammit, curses!

    Congrats on the noms too 🙂 xx

  9. Thank you! Tis a cruel affliction isn’t it?! xxx

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