A Collaboration, and a Big-Up to our Mums!

As most regular readers of my blog know – my Mum is no longer with us. It’s her birthday today. I’ve done many an emotional post about her, but this one’s a bit different. This one is a collaboration by my friends and by the incredibly supportive on-line community, who are taking the chance to say what’s amazing about their own Mums. It’s a little homage to Mothers everywhere, a reminder to cherish them, and a birthday tribute to a wonderful woman who – like many – is desperately missed. So here we go:

“My mum was the person I hope I could be one day”    Nicky 

 “Mum will try pretty much any new thing I request, with a grin: from learning to tweet 2 twiddling her thumbs in opposite directions and in that way, she reminds me to be brave and see the beauty in fearlessly growing, learning and trying new experiences  😉 ”    Pippa 

“She’s always there no matter what time of the day x”   CJ

“My mum sends postcards, letters & poems, just when I’ve had enough of life, an upbeat letter or word of wisdom comes in the post. I have kept all her letters, I sometimes re read them and it turns a situation around- wise words”   Joanne

“My Mum is the strongest and most unfaltering woman I know – will ever know. She’s amazing.”   Sharron

“My mum drives me forward, leading by example every day. She’s always there to catch me when I fall.”  Molly

My mum was such a calming presence, so strong & beautiful.”  Anon blogger

“My Mummy shines like a star and smells like flowers.”   Alejandro, aged 2 and a half 🙂

“If I could be half the woman she was – I’d make her proud!”    Lynne

“My Mum is always there for me :)”   Jennifer

” My mum was my best friend, my mentor and my world. The only person who could scare the living shit out of me with a look….yet take away all my hurt with a hug. My mum rocked  x”   Hannah

“She has always been there for me, her support has never wavered. She’s sometimes annoying, as am I to her, yet I love her for everything that she is, has taught me and done for me. She’s game too, hell, how many 66-year-old mum’s would be up for a weekend bender in Bruges with the likes of me?”   Mark

 “She was always someone I could be proud of . . . and SO witty.”   Elizabeth
“My mum is the person I turn to first, before most others, because I know she doesn’t judge and above all she understands XxX”   Susanne
“A true fighter and always sees the best in people no matter how bad they are, even through her own illness manages to carry on helping others . a true heart of gold”  Mark R
” If I can be half the Mum she was I will be happy, she was a wonderful kind, considerate & selfless woman x”   Alli  
“Her fighting spirit and the fact that she never gives in even when everything seems to go against her…. Also she is my mum and she is the best!”  Kit
“My mum was AMAZING. She could multi-task, run a house, work for my Fathers business, clean,cook, bottle-wash all at the same time . . . Mums are who make us and shape us, if we are lucky enough to have a good one, I was 😉 xx”  Morag
“Because she makes the best sage and onion stuffing whenever I ask for it without complaint. That’s it! A teacher, a mentor, a counsellor and a friend. Julie
“She’s my best friend!”   Lisa
“She may not be the best cook or the best housewife but she’s always there for me and she gives the best cuddles. Over the past 10 years she’s had 2 hip replacements and beaten breast cancer, not once – but twice and last year she lost 5 stone in weight and looks amazing”  Heather
 “What’s great about my Mum? Everything!”   Mark K

Nice one everybody – and Happy Birthday Mum xxx


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17 responses to “A Collaboration, and a Big-Up to our Mums!

  1. Lovely Minty. Big hugs XxX

  2. joanne wood

    Loved all those comments, the warmth coming from all those memories. Those of us who have lost a loved one will always have those memories to remember, they still bring wisdom, strength and a smile to our faces. I can imagine ur mum is smiling down on u right now. X

  3. lovely post – I loved all the comments everyone has about their Mums…….and as it is Mother’s Day in Spain today I would like to say a BIG FELIZ DIA DE LA MADRE to all Mums in the world xx

    ‘A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take’

  4. I agree, a lovely and touching post. Klimt is a favourite of mine and ‘Mother and Child’ is very apt. Happy birthday to your lovely Mum

  5. nickietypecast

    Gorgeous post, Minty. Thanks for including mine 🙂
    Love to you for today. I know how hard these special days are xx

    • They are, but I am continually overwhelmed by the support out there to help you get through the bad days. I hope this post reflects that too. Thanks again for helping out xxx

  6. What a beautiful post Minty, well done for looking on today like this. Love the photos at the top, your mum would be so proud of you,.

  7. Simon Mortimer

    My mum made it to our wedding the day after leaving hospital. She has put up and looked after me for 40 years. She really is my MUM. I miss flirting with your Mum Elizabeth, a wonderful lady truly missed. Love! X

  8. Love this, beautiful idea and what a way to pay tribute to your mum. Can I add my own? “My mum drives me forward, leading by example every day. She’s always there to catch me when I fall.”

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