Our Sketch Book – An alternative memory maker

Grace and I have started a sketch book together. I don’t profess to be massively good at arty things – but I do really enjoy it, and some stuff I do could pass for half-decent (Ooooo – get me!) Thing is – I am inundated with finger paintings and scribblings, lovingly pounded out by the Giblet. We have paintings from nursery, from Grandmas, from toddler groups and from the child-minders – not to mention our own efforts at home. They’re hard to part with aren’t they? Even though you know there’ll be millions more over the years, and a fridge door only has so much room. So – I’ve gone and got me a sketch book. Grace likes scribbling, I like scribbling. I have combined said scribbles together along with sketches and quotes of all the things she loves doing and saying at the moment – (I intend to sketch a few portraits and more hand studies aswell as the book developes.) Here are our first collective efforts:

First – She let rip with the crayola. Whenever I try to draw on the same page as her she gets hilariously stroppy and independent “Mummy Mummy MY do it!” – (hence the text) so my bits were sneakily added afterwards when she wasn’t looking.

This next one was a total fluke (or I have a true child prodigy on my hands!) When left with the blue and yellow paint, Gibby’s fair hands – and entire forearm to be fair – produced the following random splodges that to me, looked exactly like a bird. Aw.

And finally, we splashed watery paint onto the book, then she held it up to let it all run down the page (the right hand side is a photo of her doing this – the left is the end result.) Wellies and “Splashy Splashy” are her absolute favourite thing to do.

So there’s a wee taster anyhoo. Hope you like. It’s a kind of alternative memory book for both of us, and I’m really enjoying doing it.


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9 responses to “Our Sketch Book – An alternative memory maker

  1. OMG I LOVE this idea! I hope you don’t mind if I mercilessly steal it and use it immediately? And by the way, your sketches are more than ‘ok’, they;re fab! x

  2. joanne wood

    I love your idea! Get some framed & on the wall, too good to stay in the sketch book. Very impressed by the artistic flair in your house.

  3. katie barker

    Wow I LOVE this idea and your sketches are brilliant!
    Have you used watercolours? x

  4. These are great! A lovely snapshot in time, especially using ‘kid speak’!! If you need a useful resource for preserving all your memories like these, try the SaveEveryStep.com website. It’s free!

  5. What a lovely idea! I started a sketchbook for my son, which I also used to write a few bits in about what he was doing at that stage, what he was interested in and so on. It was a sort of next step for the baby book I had that only covered the first year. Then I started my blog and it sort of got forgotten, I must pick it up again!. I love the idea of joining in with Grace yourself, I always wanted my son to do it himself which he didn’t like, he prefers doing things together.

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