Hmmm . . . feel like I’ve forgotten something . . ?

“Stronger families and a more responsible society – is so vital for the future of our country.” David Cameron

Now when I first heard  that David and Samantha Cameron had left their daughter behind in a pub, it didn’t stir massive feelings of outrage. I thought it was a bit stupid, but ultimately forgivable. They were in separate cars apparently, and each thought the other had her. She was left behind for 15 minutes and was found happily helping out the pub staff. (Child labour Cameron? Tsk!) All in all, it evoked in me a titter over my morning tea rather than an avalanche of abuse at my TV.

Then I gave it a bit more thought, chewed it over with a few friends, and realised that I am perhaps a little more put out than I first thought.

If any of my friends had slipped up like this, I’d have been the first to put my arm around them, tell them we’re all only human, and recounted one of my many spectacular parenting errors to make them feel a little better.

The difference is that my friends are not responsible for the future my daughter may have. They are not held accountable for the state of the education she will receive, the debts she may inherit, the cost of living, or the likelihood of decent employment. They do not hold themselves as a figurehead for morality and they do not try to preach what does or does not constitute acceptable family values.

Yep – after giving it a bit of thought, the titter over tea has now become more of a weary sigh of resignation.  Yet another balls up. We are supposed to have faith that this man can run an entire country. Doesn’t bode well if he can’t organise a family lunch now, does it?

Is this really a simple case of human error? Is this akin to forgetting your wallet or leaving your phone behind? Keys? . . . check. Glasses? . . . Check. Handbag? . . . check. First born child . . . ?

 Or does it – as I suspect – smack a little of hypocrisy?

This is not average Mr and Mrs suburbia having a lapse of concentration, this is Gillian Mckeith having a McDonalds. This is Bear Grylls at Butlins. This is Martin Lewis putting his life savings onEnglandwinning the Euro.

Having said that . . .

 “A Downing Street spokeswoman said today that the Camerons take full responsibility for looking after their children”

  Ah, well that’s alright then?!


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