Galts Super Marble Run – A Review

Mummy’s Review

The Super Marble Run by Galt is a colourful construction set made up of lots of slot-together pieces, chutes, roundabouts, a paddle wheel, steps and tubes. It comes with 8 marbles to watch clatter down whatever structures you choose to build – however simple or complex they are.

This toy is ace! Seriously. From the moment we tipped all the brightly coloured pieces of plastic over the carpet my daughter was hooked. Now Grace is only 2 and a half, so the extent of her participation in building consisted of randomly pushing pieces together then pulling them apart. This was really cute at first, seeing her so engrossed, but after a while I was keen to actually build the thing properly without her “helping” by systematically demolishing my efforts. (Que Peppa Pig DVD to distract!)

I roughly copied the design on the box for starters, and I have to admit – I had fun doing it! This isn’t fiddly bits of plastic, batteries, and endless stickers to apply, this was easy and felt like being a kid all over again.

Once built, the marble run kept Me, Grace and my other half entertained for ages. She just didn’t tire of putting the marbles into one of the starting points and watching it rattle off on its little adventure. “LOOK MUMMY. . .  WHERE LICCLE BALL GOING?!” In fact it was with huge protest that we dragged her away from it for bath time, and it was the first thing she asked her Dad for when she woke up. “Daddy got liccle balls?”  A-hem.

My only note of caution: at the age she is now, I wouldn’t leave her unsupervised with it due to size of the marbles being a choking hazard.

Grace has returned to this toy again and again and I have several friends’ children in mind to buy it for when it’s birthday time. It’s nice too that it has longevity. Little ones grow out of things so fast, what’s good about the marble run is that as she gets older, she’ll enjoy learning to build more and more complicated runs.

So good stuff, Galt! Excellent toy, highly recommended by the Water Birth Please household.

Grace’s Review

OOOoooh – Mummy has a box! And she’s doing that face like she’s trying to get me excited. Well I’LL be the judge of that!

Lots and lots of lots of plastic bits! Ok, good start Mummy. That gets a little clap and a smile. HHhmmmm. So the pieces fit together and can be pulled apart again. Excellent. . . .


. . . . this is FUN . . .

 . . . oh Mummy, you’re taking up too many pieces, and you’re forgetting to pull them apart again. Here let me get that for you!

***Bash bash bash***

There you go Mummy, now you can do it again. OOOOOOOOOOoh – Peppa Pig . . .

. . . 2 episodes later. . .

Well now, what’s this you’ve made, Mummy? What are these glass balls? Why are you grinning idiotically at me. Gimme that ball – “marble” you say? Well I prefer “Liccle ball.” You want me to put it where? In the top here? In this little tube? Well ok but . . .



Againagainagainagainagain . . .again . . .AGAIN!

This must be a good toy because Mummy and Daddy both want to keep playing too.


The Galt Super Marble Run retails for around £19.99. Click here for more information or to purchase.



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4 responses to “Galts Super Marble Run – A Review

  1. Lovely review! We have an ancient version of this which my Mum picked up at a car boot sale for us years ago and we’ve just got it out for my son, he loves it! He can’t build it though so he just selects the one that he would like from the instructions (usually the one with the most pieces, and the key ones missing) and allows us to build it for him. It is a great toy.

  2. We have this toy, and have had HOURS of fun with it. I have not only found it excellent for my own kids, but when other kids come to play, they love it too. Definitely one we’re keeping for the grandchildren. (Only drawback is that it can be noisy and that grates after a while – but a small price to pay for happily occupied children.)

  3. Well another current favourite of Grace’s in the recorder – so the sound of marbles is like an angelic choir after that! It is a great toy though x

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