Crafting for the Imperfectionist . . . “Sparkle Lellefant.”

CRAFT POST CRAFT POST CRAFT POST! GET ME GET ME GET ME! ***Flexes fingers and pushes spectacles up nose in an “arty” way*** I know, there are loads of craft bloggers. Like, proper crafty  people who really know their stuff, eat breath and sleep sticky back plastic, glitter glue and ink pads, and a flipping good job they do too! I know I’ve referred to these Glue-gun Gurus countless times.

I have however, decided that now and then, I too shall throw my two-penneth into the ring. My crafting is for those who require simplicity, love mess, and press their little top right red x at the slightest sign of anything intricate, anything involving a needle and thread, and anything with more than 5 or 6 items on the “you will need” list.

Over the past few days, Gibby and I have made a “Sparkle Lellephant”. (Her words by the way. I’m not that vomitous.)

You Will Need:

  • The top part chopped off a plastic milk carton.
  • Tissue/newspaper and PVA glue for paper mache.
  • Card to make “Lellephant” ears.
  • Whatever takes your fancy to decorate it with. We used paint and sequins, you coud paint using a different colour scheme, use collage, felt tips, stickers, googley eyes – owt ya like really 🙂

That’s only FOUR bullet points people! Count them!

So – cover your cut off milk carton with paper mache (you don’t even have to do this if you don’t have time/inclination. I found it kept us busy for ages, rounded off the sharper bottom edges, and I personally like the look of it. If you decide to leave it plain plastic and want to paint it – mix PVA glue in with your poster paint. It’ll stick better.)

Leave it to dry and then glue/tape on some ears. OOOooooooh – looking more “Lellephanty” now!

Now let rip with the paints/glitter/stickers . . . whatever! Gibby painted it herself . . . 

  . . . along with most of her face, arm and table, in the end. I then helped her with where to put the glue (and couldn’t resist a few extra touches myself – eyes, bindy and earrings) and she happily shovelled on armfuls of sequins and glitter.

I have glue in my hair, glitter in my eye, sparkly bits in all kinds of unmentionable places, and a living room carpet like a Bollywood film set – but I think Graces “Sparkle Lellephant” is well worth it.

Might use different sized cartons next and make a little family. Awwwwwwww.



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4 responses to “Crafting for the Imperfectionist . . . “Sparkle Lellefant.”

  1. Sarah Johnson

    love this minty!!! holly and i definitely going to have a go. xxx

  2. That is fab! Totally pinching this!

  3. Rachel

    Hi there,

    This looks like a fun activity, wish that my son was old enough already for it. Can I ask, are you the girl in the middle picture here on the elephant craft page? I know it sounds weird but the girl in that picture looks exactly like me, or my side profile.


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