Mad for it . . .

Weird how some songs/bands/music can totally define an era for you, isn’t it? For me, hearing a Stone Roses song catapults me right back to student days:a particular night club, particular people doing a particular kind of dance, drinking, smoking, smiling. Good times.

Last  night – we went to the reunion tour. ***Manc accent” “It was top.”

Here’s why it was top:

  • It was more like a festival than a gig – which made me happy. Since Gibby arrived, we haven’t been to a festival and we used to go every year. We even met at a festival. I have vowed to myself that we’ll all go to one next year.
  • Got to see bands I wasn’t expecting: The Wailers were pretty cool. The Vaccines and Primal scream also played.
  • I was me. Minty. Not Grace’s Mum. I LOVE being Grace’s Mum, but – just every now and then – I like remembering how it feels to be Minty.
  • Being Minty involved getting shit faced pleasantly squiffy, dancing in a field with my fella, and singing loudly and out of tune till I was hoarse.
  • Seeing the original line-up belt out those TUUUUUUUNES!
  • There was something very special in the warm rainy air. Genuine excitement radiated amongst old and new fans alike –  a kind of camaraderie, if you will. Amazing atmosphere.


  • OOooh – and there were fireworks. Lots of fireworks. I like fireworks.

So now it’s the day after. definitely feeling on the wobbly side. (During aforementioned student days – I’d be drinking again today. Now it takes me a week to get over a pint.)  Grace stayed at a friend’s house – HATED her room being empty when I got up, but when she was dropped off back home later this morning, and I got the biggest hug in the world – well, I was more than ready to be Mummy again. Till next time . . . cheers! MAD FOR IT! ***swaggers off for a nice cup of tea***



June 30, 2012 · 9:08 pm

6 responses to “Mad for it . . .

  1. Brilliant. Glad it met expectations. God I’d love a night out like that.
    Love festivals. Took my son to camp bestival when he was 2. This year we are going to Deer shed. Cheap and local. Kids and festivals work until you are hungover!!

  2. Husband and I left the kids with friends, and went to a U2 concert, about 3 years ago. It was fabulous. Wonderful to have a night away, and not be Mum, just for a while, as you say.

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