Petplan post – My Dogs Dream Holiday.

Although I don’t usually do sponsored posts, PetPlan are a great company I have myself used for years, and I loved the idea they proposed: writing about what my Dogs favourite holiday would be! Brilliant.

I’ve written before about the lovely relationship between dogs and daughter (read it here), so any chance I have to big up the canine world will be grasped with relish.

So – as regular readers know I have two lovely boys of my own: Fizz – a 12-year-old Belgian Shepherd, and Badger –  a 7-year-old retired racing greyhound. Both rescues. Both very different.

Fizz is a gentleman, through and through. He is exceptionally gentle and well-trained. He will sense your tone of voice/mood instinctively and behave accordingly. He is also a very clever lad and is living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. He takes things a bit easier these days but in his younger years, he’d think nothing of a trek up Snowdon with my other half and hours and hours of walks and outdoor adventures, any weather.

So his favourite holiday would definitely be something outdoors-y. Maybe now he’s getting on a bit, some gentle rambling over the English countryside, plenty of stops at local pubs where he’d always behave impeccably. Campfires under starry skies and long swims in beautiful, sparkling lakes. Chasing sticks and squirrels would be a mandatory daily activity, and some fine dining – steak perhaps, or a nice piece of fish – would definitely not go amiss.

On the flip side: Badger is a div, through and through. But a very, very lovable div. He has no sense of your mood or tone and will want to be in your face expressing his joy to see you at any time of the day or night – however inappropriate. Greyhounds are definitely not the sharpest tool in the box, but he is very emotionally sensitive and will get upset and whimper if Grace is crying, bless him. something of a clumsy Frank Spencer type when at home, but get him out running on a field and he’s poetry in motion. Beautiful to watch! 20 minutes however and he’s done. Somewhat diva-like, he also dislikes going out in the cold and the rain (so he’s really not enjoying this summer!) 

As for his dream holiday . . . hhhmmm. I’m a little torn with this. Either Butlins or Vegas I reckon. Maybe a Spa break even. Somewhere he can get LOTS of attention, lots of  food, a luxurious bed to sleep in and entertainment on tap with lots of pampering. (Just realised – technically, Fizz is my husbands dog and Badger is mine – I’ve definitely described our perfect holidays too. Maybe dogs really do get like their owner? That’s worrying considering my comments on intelligence.) 

They couldn’t be more different really, could they? But I wouldn’t swap either one of them for the world. Even when we have the odd bad day such as New Year which I blogged about here (I wouldn’t really have them adopted, by the way!)

Petplan has asked me to write a blog post about holidays with PolPol and Larley and has thanked me kindly with some vouchers in return. Visit the Petplan UK Facebook page for more travel inspiration!

Do you have pets? What would their dream holiday be? I’d love to hear . . .


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