EVERYTHING crossed for nice holiday!

Eeesh, Grace is tricky at the moment. I feel like it’s a make or break kind of time in terms of behaviour, so guns are being stuck to! Example: After a particularly crappy day, we foolishly attempted a pub lunch. She literally screamed and ran round in circles from the second we walked through the door. I told her to sit down – we’d brought books and crayons – but instead I got a “NO!” followed by a raspberry blown in my face followed by immediate running/screaming again and nearly sending a waiter flying.

“Grace, sit down with your book please and we’ll get you some sausages.”


Grace, stop running away and sit down or we will go home.”

“MUMMY NOOOOOO!” Further raspberries, runs off screaming.

We leave. We haven’t so much as looked at the menu, and G causes merry hell at being taken back out to the car, but so be it. Lord only knows what the people passing us thought on the short walk home, dragging a screaming toddler along who’s wailing “My go back to the puuuuuuuuuub! AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Then it hits home we’re away on holiday soon. A camping holiday. Now I love camping if you have the weather for it, but we’ve only ever been as a family when Grace was still small enough to stay put when you left her somewhere. I tentatively google the met office later that same night. Looks like we won’t be having the weather. BALLS!

For the first time I  can remember, I am not excited about going on a holiday. Eating out a lot is kind of mandatory when you’re camping with a wee one. I certainly wasn’t planning camp-stove and baked beans for every meal. Combine that with rain, queueing for showers and loos and a very tricky toddler, and you’re not looking at the prospect of much relaxation.

One phonecall and a few hundred quid later, we’ve upgraded to a caravan. Phew. Excitement creeping back now. Shower and kitchen facilities, own loo, central heating and double glazing, cbeebies if absolutely necessary and a table to sit round out of the rain, or if/when restaurants prove disastrous.

SO,  my lovely house-sitters are coming  (too many dogs – it’s easier this way!), bags are packed, car is filled up and cleaned out, bank account is considerably depleted. And guess what? We’ve just picked her up from having tea with Grandma, full of promise and excitement at the prospect of exploring Cornwall with her, and she’s cranky as hell with a high temperature.

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Calpol administered and keeping EVERYTHING crossed that she perks up and we have a nice week. Pleeeeeeease?



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4 responses to “EVERYTHING crossed for nice holiday!

  1. crystaljigsaw

    I bet you’ll have a great week. She’ll be excited to be away from usual surroundings and you may notice a strange quietness in the bargain while she takes it all in. Enjoy!

    CJ x

  2. o no hope it goes well for you, if not please lie as we are camping at the weekend!!

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