We’re baaack

It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine! Thank goodness – lasts post’s worries were unfounded and we had a great holiday. Phew.  I’d like to take this opportunity to big up Pentewan Sands in Megavissey, Cornwall. Camping or caravans practically ON their private beach. Lovely. And Gibby was only awful on one afternoon so I can cope with that. Particular highlights for us would be the Bistro on the beach (actually eating in peace whilst watching her run around to her heart’s content on the sand. No having to chase her round this restaurant . . . bliss!) Another highlight would have been that we thought the entertainment one night was going to be a comedian called Arnie Fuckbucket – but we sadly misheard. Boo. I’d have definitely gone to see an Arnold Fuckbucket due to him having the best stage name ever, but as we’d just misheard ( he was actually Arnie Flatbucket? Something like that) we didn’t bother. Gibby’s highlight would be the swings on the beach.

Yet again, we lucked out with our holiday neighbours! Dawn and Mark camped opposite our caravan (or Little House as Grace liked to call it) and were a cracking couple. “Helloooo” if you’re reading this.) Despite a bit of a North/South divide causing a few communication errors, the JD and the larger was flowing and soon ironed them out. Grace got so used to them that we now cannot pass a tent or even look at a picture of one without asking “where Dawn and Mark?” Bless.

Nothing beats a beach holiday with a wee one does it? And I wouldn’t know where to start in saying how fabulous Cornwall is. We did a bit of sight-seeing in the mornings, then trooped down with a picnic,  a fishing net and a bucket and spade, and that was us for hours. We all loved it. 

Can’t wait to go back. Downside? Getting stuck in traffic on the already very long journey. Nine hours man . . . nine hours. Also, I had a moment of feeling “arty” and tried to photograph a pretty little bird whilst tipsily walking back to the caravan one night. Unfortunaltey, said bird was perched above the door to the gents which I didn’t realise. The gentleman that walked out zipping up his flies to find me brazenly standing pointing a camera at him was very gallent all things considered. “There’s sea views over there y’know love” he points and laughs and ambles off and I am left embarrassed and feeling a little grubby. Minus a picture of a bird.

I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite memroies:




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