Pass On The Lurve . . .

There’s a linky knocking around at the moment – about real life blogging friends. It came to my attention via the fabulous Tamsyn who blogs as Manic Mum. (If you’ve been living on Mars lately and don’t know about her truly heart wrenching story – please take a minute to look at it and support the Making Waves for Alex campaign.)

But for me there is only one lady I could write about. She is entirely responsible for me getting into blogging, a fabulous writer, a fabulous mother, and  a good friend. (“Good friend” . . . two words that are easy to say, easy to write, and yet it’s so hard to actually find them.)

Susanne, aka Ghostwritermummy and I go back about 15 years. We met at university. We were both strangers to Bolton back then, and out of everyone in our little gang of University misfits, we are two of just three brave girlies to still be here all these years later. My memories of those days are a bit hazy (can’t think why?!) as I’m sure Sue’s will be, and the stories I can recall with any clarity are probably not suitable blog material. A mish-mash of thoughts spring to mind of that era – of bar work, and smoke-filled student houses with no heating and mushrooms growing on the carpet. Of JD and cokes, Stone Roses and Rocky film marathons. Of indie night clubs, playing guitar and drinking till the wee small hours. Of crazy landlords, bizarre friends, parties, and endless cups of tea and rounds of toast.

Of good times.

Although we lost touch for a few years, thanks to the wonder of Facebook, we hooked back up when we had our children, and thank goodness we did.

Far closer now than we ever were at university, I can honestly say, I think I’d feel a little bit lost without Ghostwritermummy in my life. She inspired me to write.

She inspires me to be a better mother.

She has been a genuine help in dealing with the loss of my Mum – always having something to say when those I thought were far closer to me had no words.

Every week, we meet – drink coffee – tear our hair out over the latest toddler troubles – and above all, we laugh.

So there you have it. I’m not happy with this post. I feel somehow that I could have said it all much better, but I shall publish it, and hope that it comes across how much I appreciate and admire all that this  person does/continues to do.

“A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down. ” -Arnold H. Glasgow
P.S If you’re reading this Sue – I’m not GAY or anything!!


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3 responses to “Pass On The Lurve . . .

  1. Lovely! I do like a good friend story x

  2. Oh how lovely minty. I knew u two were friends but didn’t know it went years back…loved reading this story…xxx

  3. I think you said it just right. It doesn’t need anymore adding to it. xx

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