Keepsake Dolls

I love anything hand made. There’s something deeply personal, beautifully imperfect, and that extra bit special about anything someone has personally gone to so much trouble over. Not only that, I just love the kitschy look of a home knit, a sock monkey or a ragdoll. So I consider myself very lucky that I have been sent a Keepsake Doll from the wonderful Danielle who blogs over at twopointfourchildren.
This review will be a genuine pleasure as the doll is easily one of the best items I’ve been given to test out. Here’s why:
  • Exceptionally cute. Look!

  • So far, she seems very well made and pretty tough too.  (Not that we’ve been setting her on fire or pulling at her head, but Grace has really taken to her and she’s been everywhere with us for the past three weeks.)
  • The service has been fab. It was so easy to order: Danielle e-mailed over a form to

  • confirm all the Dolly’s details, so you can really personalise her. Hair colour, hair style, outfit style etc, and I was kept well informed of every step of the process.
But here’s the really special thing about a keepsake doll. They are made using precious outfits that have been saved when your little one outgrows them. What a lovely way to preserve memories, and treasure that special dress/baby grow etc that was worn for a first party perhaps, or the trip home from hospital. Maybe something that’s gone through every sibling but is now resigned to a box under the bed because you just can’t bear to part with it.
I just love, love, love this idea.
Our Doll was made from the little cord dungarees Grace wore when she was christened. It was a very unique Christening. My Mum was in the last week of her life and in a hospice, and her good friend and lady Reverend was visiting her.  I asked if she could give Grace a blessing in front of Mum. The Reverend told us that as the Hospice was an ordained building, she’d be happy to not just bless her, but christen her there and then. I knew my Mum’s health was declining rapidly and that she wouldn’t have many more days when she was lucid, so although my husband and I are not religious, we agreed because we knew how much it would mean to Mum.
And it did.
 It is the last memory I have of her smiling. Beaming in fact. It was one last thing we could do to make her happy before she died, and although it was spur of the moment, it was a very special ceremony.  
I couldn’t think of a more lovely way to use that little outfit. I e-mailed over some pictures and Danielle was so sympathetic to how precious the dungarees were and explained exactly what she would be doing to make the Doll.  I admit – I was a little anxious when I posted them off, but couldn’t be happier with the results.
There are some extra details that really add to this Doll as a special piece to be treasured. She has a matching headband made with the off-cuts, along with Grace’s name and the date of the Christening hand stitched onto the back of the doll’s outfit. (I shouldn’t really be using it as a toy as such while my daughter’s so young as they are intended as a keepsake– it is only with very careful supervision that Grace is allowed to play with her.)
So not just a big thumbs up, but also a big Thank You to Danielle. You have been a pleasure to deal with, and I genuinely love your ethos and your product.
Keepsake Dolls are £20 plus postage. I believe there is a web-site in the making – but in the mean time, find out more information, see more designs and get in touch over at the Facebook page here.

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