Pooch Pack!

Fizz and Badger (who regular readers will know are my faithful, if intellectually challenged, canine compadres) have stepped up a notch in the world of  PR and social networking. They have been working very hard doing their first ever review for Pooch Packs – a company that provide a subscription service for monthly packs for your doggy, filled with goodies. I’ll be honest – I found it a funny idea to get my head around at first, but it’s really very easy:

First: You choose your subscription package from 3  options. You can subscribe month to month, every 3 or every 6 months. You can cancel any time.

Second: Tell them more about your special pooch. (They will cater each box for your dog’s size.)

And Finally: Make payment, sit back and wait for delivery. The value of each box will be more than you’ve paid. Boxes are sent out around the 15th of every month, and prices currently start at £16.95

Good innit?! Me and the boys got very excited when our goodie box arrived! (So much so, it was actually hard to get a good – well focused picture, as they were so giddy, the pics all came out blurred.) SO what did we get in our first Pooch Pack? Well the first job to explain to Fluffbomb that it’s not for cats . . .

And then we all had a nosy at our lovely products: All natural Papaya and Sweet potato chews, Roxxter wobbling toy – vanilla scented with a secret treat chamber, a biotic health supplement promoting glossy coat, health skin, digestion and immunity. We also got a really natty little rubber ball on a key chain that you can fit a whole lot of poo bags in (big hit with the other half as he can clip it to the toddler carrier) . . .

  . . . shampoo, and some beautifully packaged biscuits.  

Now I must admit – at first glance they weren’t too sure about the Roxxter toy:

. . . and I’m afraid Fizz didn’t really warm to it. Well – he’s an elderly gentleman now bless him. Badger however soon cottoned on that there was something edible inside and hasn’t left it alone since.

I also had reservations about the natural chews. Badger will eat anything that’s not nailed down, but  Fizz is exceptionally fussy. However – they both devoured them! I was genuinely surprised, but they did. It’s a lovely feeling that you’re giving them a healthy treat.

The food supplement seemed ideal for my boys as they’re both getting on a bit. They honestly didn’t seem to notice that their food had this addition and ate happily as normal. The health benefits of this product seem perfect for older dogs, and of all the products, I’d be the most tempted to stick with this one.

Favourite BY A MILE though were the Doggie Patisserie biscuits. Que the over-excitable blurry shots! . . .

The Pooch Pack also contained a lovely-smelling organic shampoo but unfortunately I wasn’t able to use it. Badger is dry shampooed as it is a physical impossibility to get him near a bath/shower and it really upsets him. Fizz has an ongoing skin complaint and has a prescription shampoo. I did however, pass it onto my friend who has a Jack Russel cross and she said  it was fab and can’t stop sniffing him!

Any negatives? Well – I’ve got to be honest. This is a luxury rather than a necessity, and it would be hard for every budget to stretch to. But if you’re the type that loves to pamper your pooch – this is a MUCH better option than a silly outfit (pet hate – grrrrrr) or a diamonte collar. I was genuinely impressed with all the products, and I can see how much fun they’d be to get every month.

Thumbs up from Fizz and Badger – ergo – thumbs up from me. Pooch pack – do let me know when you make a kitty equivilant, I have three feline nutters to keep happy too!

If you think the Pooch Pack might be for you and your four-legged friend, check out their website here.


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