Wigwam – A review

You know that old 70s classic by The Sweet – Wig wam bam? Well I’ve had that song in my head all week now, and it’s entirely the fault of Big Game Hunters and my latest review. This will be a very easy one to write. Great product, easy to put up, the kids LOVED it, and  . . . it’s a wigwam! Cooooool.

Parts and assembly:

Honestly a doddle. 6 large sticks make the frame. They come in two halves, joined by a plastic tube, and slide through loops on the inside of the canvas.


So you pop all your poles in, stand the wigwam up, and thread the string through the holes in the top, threading a bead between each one.

My other half does have a rather anxious expression: please note that this is due to cold hands, and does not reflect ease of assembly. And yes – I do let woman-kind down stupendously with this kind of thing. Anything self-assembly, however simple, is immediately handed over to my husband. I was official photographer anyway . . . I can’t do everything.


Oh my goodness I love this wigwam. The canvas felt super tough and durable, and the design was just gorgeous. Grace and her friend were pretty darn excited when it was up! Ultimate toddler den:


. . . and regular readers will know I like a bit of the old art and craft – perfect excuse for some Red Indian headdress making me-thinks.

The Wigwam stands 1.9m tall and has easy velcro fastenings down the opening. Perfect for little ones . It could also be brought inside if you have a bit a space (as ours has due to the Bolton weather.) It currently retails at £54.99. Before I’d we’d put it up I thought this was a little on the steep side, but it became very clear very quickly after unboxing that this was a really good quality product that we predict is going to last a long time. Having seen how much Grace loved it and considering how much we’ve spent on plastic throw-away tat in the past, I reckon it’s actually well worth the money.

To purchase or find out more information about the Garden Games Wigwam or their other products, click here.

(And for the glam-rock fans amongst you – here’s a little WigWam Bam type treat. You’re welcome.)


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2 responses to “Wigwam – A review

  1. We love our wigwam, it’s often set up in the corner of the dining room and I find him hiding in there reading books.

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