It is not a hamster . . .

 Having kids makes you say the strangest thing, doesn’t it? I have, of late, found myself uttering such bizarre sentences that I though I’d make a note of a few. . .

  • It’s not proper hide and seek Grace if you keep shouting “I’m here”
  • Why is your face blue?
  • You must say pardon me, Grace – as well as pull my finger.
  • It is not a hamster. Give it to Mummy please – it’s going mouldy.
  • Yes Grace, Father Christmas has a willy and a red hat.
  • Glitter goes on the paper, not the doggies. They don’t want to be sparkly.
  • No, Grandma does not have eyes on top of her head, she just likes to keep her glasses there.
  • Abracadabra is NOT the magic word!
  • You’re right there Gibby. Daddy’s bum does stink.
  • No you don’t want chicken pox again Grace, that’s a silly thing to say.
  • The cats don’t want to be sparkly either.
  • Ooooh yes you have made your “head pink.” Lets put Mummy’s lipstick away now.


These are all true – just ask Ghostwritermummy! Is it just me, or do we all realise how ridiculous we sometimes sound?


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4 responses to “It is not a hamster . . .

  1. I often find myself saying something and thinking, “Eeeek!” but normally because I know that the next words are going to be, “Why can’t I….?” or “How did I get out of your tummy, Mummy?”

    I still don’t know how to answer that…

  2. Brilliant!!! I was asked tonight “mummy sex means you think someone is hot doesn’t it” I spluttered and mumbled over that one I can tell you!

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