5 Small Changes

Every new year I have a vague kind of notion that THIS will be the year I make some serious changes! This will be the year I somehow alter my entire mindset on the stroke of midnight, January 1st and suddenly become a model example of healthy eating, a fitness fanatic, an early riser and a lover of all that is yummy-mummy positivity. However, the reality is that come January the 1st, the following pattern emerges:

1- Well I’ve still got loads of chocolate and cheeses and things left over from Christmas, so there’s no point starting any health regime till I’ve eaten them.

2- I start back at work soon. So I’ll start the diet and the exercise then. I’ll be back in a proper routine then so it makes FAR more sense. Just watch me go!

3- Usually I get ill about now. It would be very silly to diet or over-exert myself when I’m ill now, wouldn’t it?

4-Daughter and invariably husband catches whatever it was I had and I can’t be swanning off to exercise classes and the like when I simply MUST be caring for my family.

5- By this time, its half way through the month. Diets and what-not cannot begin half way through a month. That’s ludicrous. I’ll wait for the 1st to come around.

6- It’s so-and-so’s birthday do. Ooh yes, and then it’s what’s-their-faces anniversary buffet thing. It’s impossible to calorie count with so many social engagements coming up, so I’ll start next month.

7- It’s July. How’d that happen?! Oh f*** it . . . May as well stuff my face and sit on my arse till next year.

Sound familiar? Alright so I may have exaggerated a little. I get very little arse sitting time and most of that’s spent catching up with work or writing. But the point I am trying to make I guess is that I have unwittingly become a master of the art of procrastination.

So I really am going to try to make 2013 the year for change. Nothing drastic. Nothing too unrealistic. But I DO want to get a bit healthier. I do want to get a little more toned. I want to have more energy and I want to set a good example to grace by being a healthy, confident mummy, who she sees eating properly and enjoying activity.

I’ve set up a Facebook group for like-minded people ( feel free to message me if you’d like to join). My willpower is usually pretty awful so I’m hoping this group will be a good place to swap tips, ideas and get some encouragement.

And I’ve also decided to implement some small changes now, (5 to be exact) before the new year. I think positive steps little and often will work much better for me than going hell for leather on New Years Day.

My 5 small changes are:

1 – Drink water every day. (Even if it’s just a glass or two – it may be nowhere near the recommended amount, but it’s better than none.)

2 – Swap to wholemeal pasta. (We already only get brown bread, but never pasta for some reason.)

3 – Cut out wine 2x nights a week. I have one small glass of red wine every night. I’ll hopefully increase the cut back so I only have it at weekends.

4 – Plan meals for the week! I’m terrible at this. I end up buying food on the hop, when I’m hungry after work, and getting all kinds of rubbish. I have a shiny new iPad and a shiny new meal-planning app. I know . . . Get me.

5 – 2 x coffees a day! I usually have 4 or 5. Going to try herbal teas instead as I’ve yet to find a decent decaf.

So nothing revolutionary on the face of it, and only minor dietary changes for starters, but they are changes none the less, and changes for the better.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.” – Chinese proverb.

Would any of you care to join me on this journey? What would your 5 small changes be?



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6 responses to “5 Small Changes

  1. Minty – you sound just like me! I will have to join your facebook group!

    I too need to cut down on alcohol – I have a couple of large glasses every night! I did plan to cut out alcohol for all of January but doing it gradually does sound better!

    I need to walk more…….the shops and school are in walking distance but I still go in the car

    I need to focus on one idea and finish it rather than many ideas, start them all and never get any finished

    I need to have more patience with Ali and remember he is only 3 and stopped getting stressed out

    I need to structure my days more – with not going to work every day I find it hard to structure my days and can find myself just sat on the computer ‘surfing’ and not doing anything productive

    ……so these are my 5 changes this year

  2. Yes! Good for you my dear, every little step is still a step forward. I’m 40 in a few weeks time and determined to lose 2 st of baby weight this year. Pls can I join your crew? Go us!

  3. Kirsten

    Good ideas, Minty, I gave up on even thinking about resolutions some years ago (except my mainstay of not forgetting birthdays/anniversaries/etc). Small is good though, so let’s see:

    1 Cut Ol some slack, he’s nearly 10, but he is not me at his age and I am not (and do not have to be) my mum.

    2 Seriously look for work in my locality rather than putting up with a 50 minute commute each way.

    3 Stop the breastfeeding of my 2 year old…

    4 Use my crafty stash instead of just adding to it.

    5 Get out and enjoy some fresh air each day.

    So where’s this link then?! Good luck to all.

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