Mohdoh – A Review.


There are several different Mohdoh’s you can choose from and each is designed to help with a particular difficulty. We got “calm” “Unwind” and “think” but other choices include “slim” “sleep” and “Travel”. Fairly self-explanatory. You can check out the full range, prices, awards and how they are designed to help here.


I would rate the “calm” very highly. As regular readers will know, my three-year old is a bit of a feisty little thing and was having a very stroppy day. The strops worsened as bed time approached and she was getting very disagreeable. Very. So I thought it’d be a great chance to try it out. At first she looked totally unimpressed:

 . . . and this is?

. . . and this is?

Then, she just pulled it all to bits in a temper. Then she put it all back together again. Then she realised she quite liked squashing it. . . Half an hour later we had a calm Gibby squishing away at her Mohdoh. “Unwind” has a similar effect although she seems to prefer the calm and chooses it every time.

N.B Mohdoh isn’t a child’s toy, it’s for adults too and some Mohdoh pots are only really for adults (stopping smoking, slimming etc). However, I can’t deny that I do think they have the desired effect on Grace, and i enjoy using the “think”a for myself. I can’t swear that it sparks waves of creative genius, but the action of squeezing the dough, along with the lovely smell, does seem to help focus the mind somewhat.

So all in all I’d be happy to recommend any of the pots I’d received. To find out more information or where your nearest supplier is, check out their website.

The only negative I can report is that I find it impossible to pronounce “Mohdoh” without doing it in the style of Gandalf from Lord of the Rings saying “Mordor”.


Actually . . . Maybe that’s not so bad 🙂

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  1. Kirsten

    Never heard of it before but just checked eBay and found Calm selling for £2.99 plus £0.50 p&p so ordered it! Will be trying it out when the mad spell at bedtime arrives… Fingers crossed!

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