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So there’s this thing in the blogging world at the moment (and throughout the year as it happens) collectively known as “Project 365”. The bloggers reading this will probably know exactly what I mean, but for the non-blogging amongst you, it’s very simple.
A photo a day for every day of the year.

Seasoned pro’s like The Boy And Me have been doing this for a while now, but this year’s my first go. I won’t be posting every day – that would, I’m sure get a wee bit boring, but I will post my photo’s for the week on a Sunday, as often as I can manage.

My first offering, starting with a view form our back door first thing New Years Day Morning . . .




03.01.13 (2)


Hello 2013!

Hello 2013!

Personal favourite is the picture of our elderly canine gentleman Fizz x



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6 responses to “Project 365

  1. Lovely photos. The sky in the view from your back door is amazing!

  2. Great start to the year. Love the one with the recorder the most.

  3. How are you doing with it? I’m off to check up on you! And thanks for the mention 🙂

    • Dreadfully! Epic fail. Forgotten several days already so I think it’s prob not for me. (Should know better than to start these things, I’m always rubbish with stuff like this!) x

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