World Book Day Costume

It’s that time of year again! World book day approacheth . . . the day we are supposed to celebrate our love of literature by dressing our offspring as a book character, but usually cop out and get a pre-bought princess style dress or spiderman costume from the supermarket. And can you blame us? After all, we’re not all a whizz with a sewing machine, we don’t always have a whole lot of spare time, and an expert hand made costume really is no reflection on how much we read with our little ones.

But for those inclined – I thought I’d share our idea for this year. It honestly was super simple.

The Witch from “Room On The Broom” by Julia Donaldson.

Room on the broom

Gibby LOVES this book – and although her clever Grandma did manage to run up a purple skirt on the sewing machine, we did have one from a pre-bought Halloween costume on standby.

Any witchy costume would work for this – but the witch in the book has a red top, purple skirt, black cloak and hat. I made a brooch from painted cardboard with a hair grip  superglued  to the back , and cardboard buckles painted gold to stick onto her plimsoles. The key thing was the soft toys (cat, dog, bird and plastic bathroom-toy frog) unceremoniously elastic-banded onto the broomstick. Voila:

Room on the Broom      Room on the Broom    Room on broom costume

For extra finishing touches, we had a yellow ribbon bow in her hair, and a magic wand (art straw and coloured paper.) Honestly – pretty easy. And I have to say, SUPER cute watching her act out the story . . .

“The Witch tapped her broomstick and WOOSH . . . they were gone!”

(She never has been that princessy to be fair.)


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