Dance Class

Grace has started going to a little disco dance class. She loves dancing. And it bothers me jut a tiny bit.
I did dancing when I was little but I don’t really remember liking it all that much. Being a pasty ginger and an outright tomboy, it was a world I never really felt I fitted into. Things came to a head one day when we were told we had to make up our own routine to music of our choice and perform it to the rest of the group. I remember it clearly: watching each of my little dancy friends as they twirled and hair flicked to Kylie Minougue or Belinda Carlailse, then watching their faces turn to horror as I karate chopped and commando rolled my way through the theme tune from the A Team.
No one spoke to me afterwards.
I didn’t go back.
With this in mind I kind of assumed that Grace wouldn’t be inclined to dance either, but as is so often the way with our offspring – I got it wrong! Her nursery run a little dance class on a Friday afternoon and she loves it. We have a dance game on the wii and guess what?  She loves it. So, we tried her out at this local group for under 5s . . . Yup . . . She loves it. She’s little enough that it’s fun and not competitive. She jumps and “side together side clap”s with gusto and doesn’t care that she’s the only one in a Rolling Stones T-shirt and messy hair. Every week, I can’t help but inwardly wince at the array of little girls in their elaborately French-plaited hair, sequined tops and jazz shoes and inwardly hope that Grace doesn’t get too sucked in. Which to be fair, is ridiculous, because the girls that attend, the dance teachers, and the other mums are genuinely lovely, kind and a million miles from the bitchy world I remember as a little girl. This is totally my hang up: I get that, and I know it’s important to let her try the things she enjoys properly. It’s also good to have a discipline and get exercise.
I think what really bothers me is that she’ll be part of a world I don’t really “get” and want me to be like the other mummy’s – glamorous Mummies that Know the steps and practice with them.
Ahhh well. I guess I can “side together side clap” – it just might have to be to the Stone Roses and not Justin Bieber.
Tell me it’ll all be ok . . . . That she’ll still be my little Gibby and not the next Britney wanna-be . . .?



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3 responses to “Dance Class

  1. I think children are a lot more confident these days and will get on with doing their own thing. If dancing is Grace’s enjoyment then I’m sure she’ll be determined to continue. But I know exactly what you mean; I hated school and was bullied as a result – I wouldn’t join in, always felt like I was on the outside looking in. Whereas Amy, she love school and is a really popular kid there. She fits in and seems nothing like I was when I went to school!

    CJ x

  2. We’ve got 3 girls, we’ve been there. Don’t worry, it’s usually just a phase. I’m sat here now next to a 13 year old in a Nirvana t-shirt who 5 years ago still wanted to be a princess in Girls Aloud when she grew up…

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