Dino Tuff Spot Fun!

Yes! I have Joined the Tuff Spot Mass-ive! I discovered this hidden gem of a messy-play world via my good friend Sue over on Ghostwriter Mummy  and we’ve  had SO much fun! In fact – we have even linked up with other bloggers prevelant in the messy play world ( Edspire’s blog for example – amazing ideas on there.) Anyhoo – if you haven’t got a clue what I’m blithering on about, than I shall explain:

Tuff Spot = mahoosive big jock-off tray to put messy stuff (and your child) in.

That’s about the size of it. Deisigned for mixing cement, but put to far better use by parents nation-wide by filling it with shaving foam, corn flour, paint and glitter. (Search for “Tuff Spot” on Amazon, E-Bay, or check out DIY/hardware stores.)

This week – Gibby and I have been going Dino-mad! We’ve had the ol’ tuff spot out pretty much daily. We’ve had dinosaur food in there (flour and coloured rice – I know! And you thought they ate plants and eachother and stuff!) We’ve had shaving foam snow drifts and water for the wee Jurassic rascals to splash in, Painting with dinosaurs, and most fun of all – a starkers Gibby happily diving into the lot!

Love our Tuff Spot . . . Love Messy Play  . . .


dino collage

Our top ten Tuff Spot ideas coming soon in honour of Messy Play for Malitda Mae xx




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7 responses to “Dino Tuff Spot Fun!

  1. This is the fourth or fifth post I’ve seen about these trays and I’ve just ordered one (a builders tray actually but looks exactly the same) – can’t wait to get going with it!!

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  4. Yay! Dinosaurs feature in EVERYTHIING we do at the moment! Luka is geting better at getting stuck in too so we’ll have to try the jelly and oats again soon!

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