Playfoam – A Review

Playfoam arived in the Waterbirth Please house this week. Being a fan of sensory play, we were really looking forward to reviewing it.

play foam 1

So far it’s been played with a lot (and not just by Gibby either, by just about every adult that has visited in the past week. Playfoam should seriously consider re-branding as some kind of stress buster for adults!)

So what is it exactly? Well in the words of the company themselves:

“PlayFoam provides hours of creative fun with its lightweight, colorful foam-sculpting material that won’t crumble, stick to skin or surfaces or dry out.”

playfoam 2

Well so far this does indeed seem to be the case. I must admit, my heart sank a little at the sight of it in the packaging – I had visions of a gazillion tiny polystyrene-type balls shooting off everywhere – but a few minutes into play and we quickly realised these worries were totally unfounded. It really does all stick together and it’s lovely, squishy and extremely tactile.

Here’s what we liked about it:

  • Lovely shades of pastel colours.
  • Even lovlier addition of glitter in the sparkle pack.
  • The more the colours mix, the prettier it gets!
  • Contains no hazardous or toxic substances.
  • Ok, I said this already, but it REALLY is tactile. We both played with it for ages!
  • So far, it’s been out of packaging for over a week and hasn’t dried up, not even a little bit.

playfoam 3

Here’s what we thought wasn’t as great:

  • It’s it of an animal hair magnet. (We do have a lot of animals though.)
  • Gibby got upset that she couldn’t separate the colours again.
  • Trying to make more complicated or taller shaped sculptures, it didn’t hold its shape that well.

An unexpected addition was that Gibby has used it a few times as a stress buster. She got in such a strop one day that she grabbed the nearest thing to hand (the platfoam) and squeezed the heck out of it in sheer fury. The squeezing gradually turned to playing and sculpting, and I honestly think a major meltdown was avoided.

Playfoam is available from  Learning Resources  in various sized packs and colours. Prices start at just £3.95. Great value.


So to sum up, it’s a thumbs up from us. Great gift idea too. Try the following links for more information:

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