Cheshire Ice Cream Farm

Anyone North West that hasn’t already discovered this gem of a place, simply MUST visit Cheshire Ice Cream Farm! We’ve just spent the morning there with some fabulous staff – and some even more fabulous ice creams – and I’m genuinely impressed.

From a one man business of selling a few ice creams made from surpless milk from the farm, Cheshire Ice Cream Farm has grown and expanded pretty organically over the last 25 years to what it is now – a fabulous day out that caters for all ages. We loved it. Here’s why:

  • Free car parking.
  • Free entry.
  • Free activities such as a brilliant outdoor wooden play area and viewing gallery for the cows being milked.

DSC_1802     DSC_1807        DSC_1809


  • Animal corner – get up close to peacocks, deer, cows, pigs, donkeys, alpacas and other furry friends.
  • Addition activities (at a minimal price) such as panning for gold, bouncy castle, mini-golf, and kids quad biking.

DSC_1861  DSC_1808  DSC_1812

  • Art Gallery and chill zone.
  • Indoor soft play area for younger children and rainy days.

I was genuinely surprised by just how much there is to do here, and no entrance fee is certainly a huge bonus. As well as the points mentioned above, there’s a lovely party room . . .

DSC_1818  DSC_1817

. . .  and they cater for all ages of birthdays. There’s also the “Ice Cave” – a white room lit with U.V and some space age looking machinery that lets the kids make their own Mr Whippy style ice creams (not as nice as the stuff they make on the premises but great fun! Grace thought this room was particularly exciting).

DSC_1822    DSC_1821

And if you’re thinking your older kids have grown out of stuff like this, then there’s “The Loft”. This was a room on the upper floor with arcade games, an F1 driving simulator, dance floor, music, and table games. Both Grace and the unembarrassable Mr Waterbirthplease made straight for the dance floor.  (This space is recommended for over 7s and booking is advised. Grace seemed worryingly in her element in The Loft!)

DSC_1826   DSC_1830  DSC_1823

So, as bloggers we were lucky enough to have our very own guided tour by the lovely Ed of all these facilities, followed by a visit to the Artisan Room. LOVED this bit! You can pre-book this facility to create your very own ice-cream  to take home. The choice of flavours and extras was pretty extensive: we went for white chocolate and passionfruit. Blummin nice it was too.

DSC_1833   DSC_1835   DSC_1838

Any negatives? Well only one, and that would be the business of the place. We were even told that at peak times you can queue for up to an hour for an ice cream! I think I’d save a trip here again till term time whilst she’s a pre schooler to avoid the crowds. But I guess the business is only testament to how good it is, so it is a bit nit-picky of me.

DSC_1854    DSC_1855   DSC_1862  DSC_1856

There is a cafe, and a gift shop. You can also buy tubs of their ice cream to take home, and oh . . . my . . . goodness. . . the ice cream is soooooooooooooooooooooooo nice. It’s no surprise it’s won awards.  You’d probably need to queue for an hour to decide on which flavour you want! Click here to see the choice. I went for salted caramel, Grace had strawberries and cream, and the other half went for liquorice and blackcurrent. Good times.

We cannot recommend this place enough! Great value, great facilities, GREAT ice cream, and open all year except Christmas Day and New Years Day. What more do you want?

Follow Chesire Ice Cream Farm on Facebook and check out their Website for more info.

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