How to Make Clouds

WARNING: This activity is SO much fun . . . but SO much mess.

How to Make A Cloud:

1. Get some Ivory soap. I haven’t tried this with other brands – the Ivory soap works brilliantly. (We got ours from Amazon.)


2. Microwave it on full power. We did half a bar for about 1-2 mins. You can’t over microwave it, it’ll just stop growing.

3. Gibby watched the soap expand as it cooked. We talked about heat and expansion, and how it was starting to look cloud-like. I cannot emphasise enough how exciting she found it when the soap started to fluff out, although the photo gives you an idea!


4. TA DAAAAAAA! One cloud. (Extra care was taken when we took it out of the microwave – it was really hot and needed to cool down for a minute or two.)


5. We made a few clouds and put then in the Tuff Spot with her fairy figures to play on. Then we got carried away and added shaving foam to experiment with different textures . . .




One of the messiest activities we’ve tried so far – despite their soft appearance, the soap clouds can get quite crumbly – but definitely one of the most fun and a big hit with Gibby.

Who wouldn’t want to play on the clouds? x



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2 responses to “How to Make Clouds

  1. Just popped over from the Britmum’s Craft Round -up, I love this, looks so much fun, I think I will wait for a hot day when we can take them outside.

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