Under-The-Sea Themed Bath.

Occasionally, as a treat, I will get Gibby a bath bomb from Lush. She loves watching them fizz, chasing them around the water, and seeing what colour the water changes to. I’m a big fan of this shop (NB this is NOT a sponsored post/review. I just like it, and it’s relevant to the post.) They have loads of kid friendly stuff, and they know The Giblet and I pretty well in our local branch. So –  when I told them that since our visit last week to the Sealife Centre in Manchester, Gibby has been a bit obsessed by all things to do with the sea, they recommended a bath bomb that not only is extremely fizzy, but turns the water bright blue and releases seaweed as it fizzes away.

sea bath 1


(If you don’t know, Lush products are all hand-made with no nasties, but always seek advice from the staff if your little ones are sensitve-skinned or very young.)

Now I couldn’t just leave it there could I? Whilst she was out with Daddy, I got the poster paint out and turned the bathroom into her very own mini Sealife Centre! After all – poster paint washes off pretty easily, and it was a good excuse to get all her sea-creature toys out.

sealife bath

She LOVED it!

sea bath 3

We talked about the different sea creature toys, the names of the animals and what they are like in real life etc.

We tried catching the bits of seaweed as they fizzed out of the bath bomb.

sea bath 6

We talked about the pictures on the wall, which ones she liked best (crab – obviously) and words associated with the sea.

I gave her an old kitchen sieve and she happily fished away with this improvised net, catching all her toys one by one.

sea bath 4

Trouble now is she might just expect it every bath time!

sea bath 5

Wracking my wee brain now for other bath themed ideas – has anyone else done one? I’m thinking maybe tropical next time . . .


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4 responses to “Under-The-Sea Themed Bath.

  1. Berni

    what a fun bathtime and fabulous idea – I want to go back to having a toddler so I can do this – will have to do it when / if I get grandkids. And LUSH products are exactly as their name describes – i love them

  2. greatbritishfamily

    Such a great idea for bath time. I bet your daughter loved it. Sorry I have no ideas of my own for you as my little one is too young yet but have seen lots on pinterest – here is a board full – http://pinterest.com/LearnAsWeGo/bathtime-play/

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