Last minute Father”s Day gift!

So the title of this post speaks for itself really. Gibby and I have made a Father’s Day card together that she’s super-excited about giving to him, but  I’ve been stupendously disorganised – as usual – and left the gift till the last-minute. It’s sorted now, so I thought I’d share my gift idea. I’m a bit chuffed with it really, as it’s all gettable from the supermarket, it’s a shared gift so Grace will enjoy opening it with him, it’s thoughtful, not expensive, and it promotes some quality Daddy-Daughter time together . . .


TA DAAAAAA! One gift label that took all of a few minutes on the computer – but a hand-made one would’ve been lovely too. This is now stuck on a box, which holds the following contents:


His and her onesies (Yes – I’m sorry to say they are both fans of the onsie. Gibby will probably grow out of it. Daddy I fear, never will.)
Films x 2
Drinks for Daddy.
Drinks for Gibby (not to be confused with Daddy’s!)

Phew!…Metal note – I WILL be more orgainsed next year . . . honest.

Happy Father’s Day xx


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2 responses to “Last minute Father”s Day gift!

  1. What a lovely idea – we dont do fathers or mothers day but i would definitely think of this for a ‘boys night in’………not that I ever get a girls night out to leave the boys in on their own! ho hum

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