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Sometimes as a blogger, you get an opportunity that totally blows you away. Working with the husband and wife combo that is DJ Archer photography  – based in the North West – was one such occasion, and I am genuinely excited to share their pictures with you.

Now, we’ve had family portraits and professional  photos of Grace done before. Our walls – like many family homes – are festooned with pictures of us all grinning inanely and falling over each other  on a crisp white background, or Gibby looking cute whilst she sits in a flower pot and grabs at a large fake plastic flower. These were SO much better . . .

008-18 008-43 008-15 008-22

Lizz and Archie at DJ Archer are doing things a bit differently. They’re promoters of lifestyle portraits, and keen to show that family pictures don’t have to be in a studio against a boring white background.  You can have amazing photos in unique surroundings and have totally original family portraits.  They are Bolton’s leading lifestyle photographers, and I think it’s fairly easy to see why.   Yes – you can book them for beautiful, classic indoor family shoots, but they also have a fabulous eye and creative imagination. For the portrait of our kids, we headed out to a location shoot for our very own Teddy Bears Picnic.

008 008-2 002

Guided by Lizz, we brought along a selection of outfits for our little model (whose current temperament  is frighteningly fitting by the way – Campbell’s hissy fits ain’t got nothing on our Grace’s) and her favourite “Teddy” – which Gibby being Gibby was in fact a large plastic T Rex. All other props, including some rather yummy scones, were provided by DJ Archer and their contacts.

008-16 008-19008-50

What’s lovely about working with these guys is that they are  parents themselves, and fabulous with the chaos that working with kids can bring. All the children had fun, and I was super impressed with the nature hunt Lizz had organised for them during the boring bits when the shots were being set up. They genuinely  understand the importance of capturing your little one’s personality as well as producing beautiful pictures. As I desperately tried to persuade Gibby to swap her T Rex for a teddy, they insisted that she should in fact  keep the dinosaur as “that was Grace”.

005 picnic 2 008-11

I love these pictures. They capture the day perfectly, and Grace just looks so gorgeous #biasedmum. It’s so hard to pick a favourite, but if pushed, I’d have to go for this one . . .


But I do rather love the fact that it’s not just the pretty posed pictures you get – It’s the moments caught in the midst of the chaos that also make terrific shots . . .

picnic 1


In short – if you are considering getting professional photographs done, I would recommend DJ Archer photography in a heartbeat. Professional, friendly, and such great  ideas. Thanks guys – for a fabulous day and for amazing pictures. We will treasure them.

Get in touch with Lizz and Archie via:

Facebook page



or give them a call . . . 07850137378 and 01204843462.



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4 responses to “DJ Archer Photography – Lifestyle Family Portraits

  1. Beautful photos Minty, I’m off to check out the website!

  2. What utterly gorgeous photos!! 😀

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