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Too many weeks ago for this post to be current I attended a blogging event . . . wait for it . . . UP NORTH!!! At the Museum of Science and Industry to be exact (which is incidentally, a fabulous and free day out. Gibby loves it there.) “What would a blogging event Up North be like?” I hear you cry! “Pasty tasting? Whippet racing review? Putting waterproof clothing to the test?”

Well I’ll tell you:

mosi 8

I was a day of new, old, and on-line friends meeting face-to-face. It was a day of cake, wine, some fabulous PR networking (hard to write that sentence without mentally saying it to myself in the style of Eddie off-of Absolutely Fabulous) and a day of great tips, talks and . . . well more cake. OOoh, and more wine. Oooh oooh – vodka too. I was a happy Mummy blogger as I tootled off home that day. My personal highlights were:

The photography tips from John Arnold of – Usually I avoid photography talks at these things as I worry they’ll be too techy. This guy had some fantastic tech-free composition tips that any old numpty with a camera could follow. John is obviously a man of impeccable taste and a keen eye because he picked my photo as a winner for the competition his work is so fabulous.

Here’s one by the master himself – of me being all wise and spouting terrible witty and engaging nonsense:

Photo by John Arnold
Photo by John Arnold

Photo by John Arnold

And here’s my winning shot following his tips:


mosi 2

And here are some other snaps I took though the day.

mosiplane mositrain

Woooo . . . ghost Minty . . .

Woooo . . . ghost Minty . . .

mosi 5

I also loved the people at Kaleidoscope who had some fabulous samples with them, and I got a free Colour Advice Session from the lovely style expert Ciara O’Grady – Ciara sat down with each blogger and gave a personalised recommendation of the colours that suit them the most. Turns out I can TOTALLY rock corals and royal blue. Who’d have though it, eh?

I also rather enjoyed the talks given by Annie and Helen who blog as Mammasaurus and ActualMummy – they came with lots of rather nifty home-made fudge as well as some sound blogging advice. Good times.


It’s always good to know and meet up with people who are as geeky as you are in these matters, and I’d like to throw out some bloggy love to all of you that attended. A special big WELL DONE has to go to Laura who blogs at Tired Mummy of Two for organising the whole thing. Well done lovely, it was brilliant!



There was a fabulous comradery on the day. It was a big enough even to be really worth while and small enough to stay super friendly without feeling too daunted. Also FYI . . . BEST GOODY BAG EVER!!

Roll on Blog On 2014!



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12 responses to “Blog On.

  1. Yey!! Well done on winning the comp chick!! Lovely to finally meet you… roll on Blog On 2014 indeed πŸ™‚ x

  2. Hurrah! I only put mine up yesterday too, great to meet you btw hope you are enjoying the camera!

  3. Well done on nabbing the camera πŸ™‚ I’m still making my way through the sweeties – there were so many!

  4. Lisa H

    Fab post hunny!! Congrats again on winning the photo prize! Xxx

  5. Inordinately jealous! I was invited, despite being a southerner, and didn’t twig how great it would be. If I’d known you were going to be there I’d have defo come!

  6. It was brilliant wasn’t it – I think Laura should definitely include pastys and whippets next year though! Congratulations on your camera win, it was a very good photo!

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