Gibby Clicks – Summer so far.

Gibby loves taking photos. We got her a brand spanking, kid-friendly digital camera for her birthday, but as the makers felt the need to include a load of naff games on it, that’s all she wants to use it for.

However! On a family visit to the small but pretty town of Caistor in Lincolnshire, a little gift from Grandad has re-kindled the photography passion. A gift in the form of a cheap, disposable camera. She held it in her hands. she looked at it intently. She turned it this way and that.
“What’s this Grandad?”
“A camera Grace. Just for you.” She is shown how to wind it on and hold down a button to activate the flash. She immediately takes a picture and looks at the back of the camera.
“But where’s the picture?”
“You can’t see the picture. You take your camera to a shop and they will get the pictures out for you. It’s a surprise.”
Gibby processes this information. “WOW!” Is her response. She then repeats all this excitedly to me.
How quickly we forget how quickly technology has moved on! Disposable cameras were the norm for me till my late teens.

Anyhoo – Gibby began clicking. I LOVE the results nearly as much as she enjoyed collecting them from the shop. Lets start with the pictures from said family holiday:


Floral studies were a particular favourite, which pleased Grandad as he’s heavily involved in the “Caistor in Bloom” competition. I have selected the best out of the MANY taken!


Next – “A study of Grandad in his natural environment:”


And finally: me, my Dad, and my dad’s dog’s backsides. You’re welcome.



More Gibby Clicks tomorrow – the results from her snapping on our holiday last week in Cornwall. I know . . . Exciting!!


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2 responses to “Gibby Clicks – Summer so far.

  1. That is fabulous, I love how children take photos willy-nilly. I particularly like the first one of Grandad in his natural environment.

    I’m not going to post the link or it’ll be spam, but I’m a judge on a children’s photography competition and there’s a link on my blog. 100 applicants will be sent digital cameras to photograph five colours and their parents blog about it. Then there’s some fab prizes afterwards! Have a look and see if you think it’s something she’d like?

    • That sounds right up Grace’s street! She’s obsessed with taking pics at the moment and we’ve got through 3 disposable cameras already 😀 Off for an immediate nosy . . .

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