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Cancer-Research-UK_482Cancer Research UK have asked if I will post a reading list they have put together. This may seem a bit random if you have only dipped in and out of my blog, but regular readers will know it is a subject I am unfortunately too familiar with from these previous posts:

The C Word (a deeply personal post which has received my largest ever reading audience.)
My Darling Grace
To BRCA1 or not to BRCA1

If there is any way that I can help when it comes to this illness, it will be welcomed with open arms, and as it affects so many of us, I agreed immediately to publish the list.

(Please note, this is not a sponsored post.)

The Cancer Survivor’s handbook – Dr Terry Priestman.

This does exactly what it says on the tin. It offers all sorts of support for people who have been diagnosed with cancer and then treated successfully. Although you have survived your cancer, getting back to normal life, dealing with follow-up appointments and care and the possibility of recurrence are all things you may think about and that this book can help with.

Everyone’s Guide to Cancer Therapy (revised 5th edition) – Malin Dollinger, Ernest H Rosenbaum and Margaret Tempero.

This takes the layman’s approach to educating about cancer and explains in clear and simple terms all elements of cancer from the diagnosis stage through to the treatments available and to get through it and live your life as normal. It is a great all rounder and a good starting point for anyone who wants to read up on the subject.

Coping with Chemotherapy – Dr Terry Priestman.

Written by cancer expert Terry Priestman, this book specialises in the cancer treatment chemotherapy, how it is effective, how it is administered, the science behind it and the side effects it can have. This book is great at preparing anyone who will be going through a course of chemotherapy or who knows someone who is.

Being a Cancer Patient’s Carer: A Guide – Wesley C Finegan.

When it comes to cancer, carers can be largely forgotten about while people focus on the cancer sufferer, however, it can be a tough journey caring for a loved one with the disease and this book is a great help to anyone in that position. With helpful hints and advice it is one book to always have by your side during the treatment and also reminds any carer to still look after themselves.

Breast Cancer Survivors’ Club: A Nurse’s Experience – Lillie Shockney

This is a very interesting book as it looks at breast cancer from several perspectives. Not only is the author a breast cancer survivor, who relates her experiences of diagnosis, treatment and life after cancer, it also talks about it from a qualified medical viewpoint and Lillie draws from her knowledge as a nurse. Lastly it touches upon her family relationships and having to tell her daughter she had cancer.

Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing – Anita Moorjani

This book gives a spiritual take on cancer from a cancer survivor who nearly didn’t make it. It is uplifting and encouraging and explains Anita’s long, hard battle against the disease to her miracle recovery and life afterwards. Although too holistic for some, it gives a completely different view towards life while fighting cancer and is perfect for anyone who wants to explore unconventional ways of healing.

The Fault in Our Stars – John Green

This fictional book was a number one New York Times bestseller and is very deserved of that title. The book is written for a teenage audience although older ages will enjoy it too. It centres around a sixteen year old cancer sufferer who ends up at a support group after her parents make her go. There she meets many other teenagers, all who are suffering from cancer and goes on to become very close to them. She falls for seventeen year old Augustus and they battle together. Although the tissues are needed in some areas of the book, it is also very thought-provoking, humourous and uplifting.


Feel free to comment on any publications, or suggest other titles people may find can help. Thanks.


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5 responses to “Cancer Research – Reading List

  1. Excellent list. It’s a subject close to many of us I think. thanks for doing this.

  2. Good reading list – I can’t help but think my family were under prepared 14 years ago and due to my age I was on a need to know basis, I am sure these books would have helped. xx

  3. Really helpful – it affects us all

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