Anyone can be Arty!

You may be the kind of parent that can’t bear mess.



You may be the kind of parent that thinks you can’t do creative stuff. That you do other stuff -say sport, or academia – brilliantly. But no, you’re not “arty”.

You’re not “creative” or “crafty”.

Well Waterbirthplease sets you a challenge! The next time you get your hands on a BIG piece of card . . .

get the paints out . . .



. . . and watch them let rip!

It’ll be fine. Just strip them off during, and put them straight in the shower afterwards. Go on . . I dare you!

Gibby LOVED it.


Messy play will:

– develop fine motor skills
– let them have fun
– help them understand personal space
– developer texture awareness
– allow them freedom to be themselves. (Don’t interfere! Enjoy seeing what they do!)
– increase their verbal skills if asked open-ended questions throughout the process.



N.B Any tips/encouragement in return in the field of sport or academia will be gratefully received. I may be happy to chuck paint everywhere, but when it comes to kicking a ball or long division – well – good luck with that Gibby! I guess we all have our strengths. It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry (or cardboard painting as the case may be).






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One response to “Anyone can be Arty!

  1. great. I remember doing this with Jason on various occasions including the packing boxes from our move here. The ‘artwork’ created on that occasion was on our wall covering a hole for about 18 months and i still have it in the loft

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