A Little Hero

Sometimes, a little hero can pop up from the most unexpected places. Sometimes people and especially kids – have this uncanny knack of springing something on you so casually, but it completely blows you away. Let me explain:

You may know that I support a cause called Making Waves for Alex. Money raised for this cause goes to help a Dad of 4 who suffered severe brain damage and also lost his sight from a bang to the head during a rugby game. (If you’re not familiar with his story, please take time to look at the website, or his amazing wife’s blog here.)

Alex and Tamsyn 1
You may also know that this story touched little Gibby’s heart and she has been selling her GENIUS works of art to help raise money for his rehabilitation – here’s her Facebook page – Giblart.

And you may also know that Gibby goes to a fantastic childminder who I cannot rate highly enough. She has been a wonderful influence in my daughters life, and a huge support to me. We have talked about Making Waves for Alex, as she reads my blog. Grace also talks about “helping Alex ’cause he hurt his head.”

. . . and quietly taking it all in in the background was the childminders lovely son.

So when he entered his schools Ironman competition, he announced that he wanted to run for Alex and donate all his sponsorship to help him. A man he’d never met.

God Bless Kids.

And run he did! He put so much effort into it in fact that it made him sick – now that’s a hardcore sportsman if ever I saw one.

A huge well done Ethan – our courageous little hero with a big, big heart. I know how much your efforts will be appreciated X






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5 responses to “A Little Hero

  1. Kelly lord

    A huge thank you this lovely article, it brought a tear to my eye xxxx Kelly xxx

  2. What an amazing little boy, such a hero. Does he have a sponsorship page?

  3. Oh my goodness… What a SUPERSTAR!!!! I so wish I could meet him and give him a big hug! What a gorgeous little being he is! How proud his parents should b e of him…this made me cry that he should do this and be so generous and compassionate… Please give him such a big kiss from me…but don’t embarrass him lol!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxx

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