Exciting News!

Exciting news! WaterbirthPlease is very happy to announce that it will be working closely with two companies. Firstly, with Parragon Books as an official “Book Buddie.” I am thrilled about this. Reading together is such an important activity, both for your little ones development, and for your relationship with them. Story time has been a bit unpredictable in the past (remember this post?!) but it’s settled down now and become my absolute favourite part of the day.


I worked for a book company for many years and was lucky enough to run the children’s section for a while. Something I loved doing even before I had kids. Parragon will be offering us the chance to review two new titles each month and recommend them (or not as the case may be) to you guys. It’s easy to get stuck in a book rut isn’t it? So I’m really looking forward to working with them and discovering some new titles.



Second . . . drum roll please . . . “Official Butlin’s Ambassador!”



“What’s an official Butlin’s ambassador?” I hear you all cry!

Well, Butlins as a company are keen to ditch the old-school Hi-Di-Hi, knobbly-knees contest, kind of image that so many people still associate with them, and have selected bloggers to try out exactly what a Butlins holiday is all about in 2014! I must admit, I’ve been pleasantly surprised and excited just checking out the brochure, so this is a fab opportunity and I can’t wait to tell you all about it when we go. (Although – if they did still have a knobbly knees contest, my husband reckons he could “smash it!” . . . sigh.)


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6 responses to “Exciting News!

  1. well done on both of these. I agree a child can never have too many books, and reading is a skill for life that starts from very very young, my kids had bedtime stories from about 4 months old.

  2. Congratulations! That’s fab news. Reading is very important in our house, so I can’t wait to read your recommendations xx

  3. Rachel Simm

    Some of my fondest memories from my childhood revolve around books. I remember having a huge book of 365 stories for everyday and my big brother would read them to me on the appropriate day. I would love it being May 29th which was my favourite ‘The dribblesome teapot!’. I also remember my favourite book about a dog which for some reason I decided to ‘post’ behind the back of the wall mounted heater at the bottom of the stairs for safe keeping and was distraught when my parents could retrieve it again.
    ‘But mummy its my favourite book in the world’ I cried to which my mom replied ‘If it was your favourite why the heck did you put it behind the heater in the first place!!’

    Books have continued to be a huge part of my life ever since. Books are so important to children and in these times of electronic gadgets and computers I applaud any parent that encourages the love of a good book and the pleasure reading can give.

    • I remember my favourite book too “It began to snow at Blackberry farm. Great big white flakes slowly covered everything . . . ” Love your sentiments Rachel. I have wonderful memories of reading with my parents and then discovering books of my own when I could read. x

  4. Well done!

    One of the joys of parenthood is being able to revisit old favourites from the bookshelf. As well as discovering fabulous new ones. We have read, and still read, to our children from babyhood to age 9 or 10 each night. I love it.

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