Underpants Wonderpants – a review

Gibby and I are proud to present our latest review as a Parragon Book Buddie:

Underpants Wonderpants.


Whilst I’ve been avoiding the more pant/poo/toilet based humour books lately as we already have quite a few, there’s no denying that it got a fabulous reaction from Gibby when she saw it. She also thoroughly enjoyed it being read to her as tonight’s bedtime story.


The book is by Peter Bently, illustrated by Deborah Melmon, and features a fabulously colourful doggy protagonist, keen to help in all kinds of perilous situations with the power of his underpants.


Here’s what we particularly liked:

  • It rhymed. As Grace can’t read yet, I am rather partial to rhyming books are they are usually nice to read aloud.
  • The illustrations are colourful and engaging.
  • It’s short snappy sentences are perfect for holding the interest of a little one (and the big one who may be reading it!)

I have only two concerns regarding this particular title:

1. – That Gibby will try to copy Underpants Wonderpants by catching fish out of our aquarium with her pants. (This will make more sense if you decide to give the book a whirl!)

2. – How much Mr Waterbirthplease enjoyed it . . .



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