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Happy Birthday Grace

I cannot believe you turn 4 tomorrow Grace! What an amazing little lady you’re becoming. A puzzle to me sometimes – you have tested my confidence in being a good mother to the limit. You have challenged me in a million ways I never thought possible. You have caused me worry and heartache, and yet you have brought me a happiness and a purpose that supersedes all doubts beyond measure.

You are racing through life – a passionate little fireball with a big voice and a big heart. You are already a loyal friend and a caring human being. You are dramatic and oh so funny. . . I love that you love to make people laugh. Laughter is so important, Grace.

Play is always about imagination with you. A puzzle or some building blocks will not hold your interest, yet with a plastic dinosaur in one had and a toy fairy in the other you will have hours worth of adventures.

You love to do silly voices and play “bodyslam” with your Dad. You make friends easily. You will not colour in a pre-drawn picture, but I’ll give you blank card and paints and I can see all the creativity flow out of you. You love dolls and monsters in equal measure. You have a sweet tooth and a sweet smile. Verbally, you never cease to surprise me and I love our conversations. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown.

Four years ago, a baby was born, and a mother was born too. New roles for both of us, and a constant learning curve. (Although I’m pretty sure Grace that I’ve learnt far more from you than you have from me. )

Bless you.

Birthdays come with mixed feelings for me. This is the first year I have seen you with a proper grasp of the big day that awaits you tomorrow, and it’s wonderful seeing you so excited.

But it’s always a little sad remembering those that can’t be here to share it properly.

Ah well . . . Long may your birthdays be filled with love and excitement my little fireball. I love being your Mummy.

Happy Birthday Grace xxx



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