Messy Pay – Winter Tough Spot

Winter play with the Tough Spot.


Gibby named this the North Pole, but I’m reluctant to title this post “North Pole Play” as there’s bound to be someone who points out the inaccuracies of the animals that live there. (No – I didn’t research it.)

What we used:

White tissue paper.


Ice mixed with food colouring that had been frozen in various shaped containers the day before.


We used this fake snow from Hobbycraft which was fab, but baking soda and water makes a good substitute. In fact if you google “messy play fake snow” there’s tons of home made recipes out there.


And of course some figures to play with.


This one went down very well and was played with on and off all day. We talked about:

– The different names of the animals that live in cold climates.
– What we like best about the snow and the cold.
– What happens to ice when it melts, and how we make it in the first place.





Now here’s hoping for some real snow 🙂 x

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