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There’s a chicken in the kitchen.

Ah – remember the days when you used to find livestock in your kitchen?


You’ll never guess what’s just happened here!

 Stu was upstairs playing with little un while her bath was running. I was downstairs feeling in need of a cup of tea. Into the kitchen I go to put the kettle on, and there’s a chicken in it! (The kitchen that is, not the kettle.) An honest to God live chicken, cocking its little head about and eyeballing me like it’s annoyed I’ve interrupted it!

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Top 5 Funniest Blog Posts

I feel like I’ve lost my way a bit with the old bloggy blog lately and I’ve had some trouble figuring out why. I think it may be because I’ve been veering off in too many directions – some craft, some messy play, some reviews. Then I spoke to people about why they liked my blog and the answer was consistent – people liked the funny posts ***smug face*** and the emotional posts. . . (Unsure of appropriate face.)

So I went back to have a re-read. I have to agree in as much as I started out storytelling – noting down the lighter side of being a parent. Just talking to people.

So with the extremely scientific method of surveying regular readers (i.e messaging the ones I could remember on Facebook after a glass of wine) I have cobbled together the top five posts that made people laugh the most. Not because I’m an especially gifted writer – because we can all relate to just how damn funny kids are:

5 – How NOT to give a goodnight kiss. Oh my goodness I’d forgotten this happened. Embarrassing as it is, it still makes me chuckle.

4- Ode To The Blogger  Deep and profound poetry reflecting my continuing annoyance that I’m appalling at all things technical when it comes to blogging.

3 – Giving The Finger – Not what it’s title suggests. Story time is a little easier these days!

2 – ABH . . . By a One Year Old. – Its a year or two since I posted this, but I still check the floor thoroughly before waking a sleeping child!

And the funniest post, as voted for by the few people that replied to a squiffy social media message?

***Drum Roll***

1 –Pure Plagerism. There are no words . . . I am still concerned for my child-self.

Have I missed any? What post would your vote have gone to?

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Alice Wade Jewellery

Before Christmas I wrote a pledge to buy as many hand made presents as possible, from small businesses. With the exception of the Toy Story dolls that Gibby had her heart set on, I am very proud to say that I achieved this. The down side is that the run-up to Christmas got so darn busy that I didn’t get round to blogging about it. However, with birthdays cropping up all year round and Valentines day looming, I thought I’d do a series of posts about a few of my favourite independent on-line sellers, trying to carve in a niche in a chain-store flooded, retail-gaint- filled kinda world.

I have received no free products or payment of any kind from these fabulous small businesses.

They have not even asked me to write a post about them.

This is entirely of my own volition – a fist bump to all the Davids out there, and a V sign to the Golliaths.

I’m going to start with the beautiful work of Alice Wade over on Alice Wade Jewellery. A Lincolnshire based Jewellery maker and oh my goodness – her stuff is SO pretty. All handmade, Alice specialises in making hand-crafted items with sterling silver, gemstones, freshwater pearls and rose gold. Personal favourites of mine include:

Sterling silver initial disc beaten bangle.


Charmed bangles. (LOVE the coffee bean. And the shell too for that matter.)


And check out the beautiful Star Charms –


Rather lovey, don’t you agree? This lady has only just started up so I personally think if her work tickles your fancy, then get in touch! (I have a feelin’ in me waters that she may just become rather popular.)

Check out her Facebook page here
Or follow what she’s up to on Twitter @AliceWJewellery. Hell – even send the link to you other half #HintHint #valentinesday and enjoy!

More posts to follow with things of loveliness, sparkles, paint and sunshine. Xx


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