Top 5 Funniest Blog Posts

I feel like I’ve lost my way a bit with the old bloggy blog lately and I’ve had some trouble figuring out why. I think it may be because I’ve been veering off in too many directions – some craft, some messy play, some reviews. Then I spoke to people about why they liked my blog and the answer was consistent – people liked the funny posts ***smug face*** and the emotional posts. . . (Unsure of appropriate face.)

So I went back to have a re-read. I have to agree in as much as I started out storytelling – noting down the lighter side of being a parent. Just talking to people.

So with the extremely scientific method of surveying regular readers (i.e messaging the ones I could remember on Facebook after a glass of wine) I have cobbled together the top five posts that made people laugh the most. Not because I’m an especially gifted writer – because we can all relate to just how damn funny kids are:

5 – How NOT to give a goodnight kiss. Oh my goodness I’d forgotten this happened. Embarrassing as it is, it still makes me chuckle.

4- Ode To The Blogger  Deep and profound poetry reflecting my continuing annoyance that I’m appalling at all things technical when it comes to blogging.

3 – Giving The Finger – Not what it’s title suggests. Story time is a little easier these days!

2 – ABH . . . By a One Year Old. – Its a year or two since I posted this, but I still check the floor thoroughly before waking a sleeping child!

And the funniest post, as voted for by the few people that replied to a squiffy social media message?

***Drum Roll***

1 –Pure Plagerism. There are no words . . . I am still concerned for my child-self.

Have I missed any? What post would your vote have gone to?

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