As you may have gathered from previous posts, we have pets. Four in total: Chicken and Fluffbomb (cats), Badger and Annabel (dogs).

Animals are not every bodies cup of tea (WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOOOUUU??!) and I’ve been quite conscience of that, only posting now and again on here about our fur buddies, and ususally only when its relevant to Gibby, as subscribers to a parenting blog just may not be interested.

But for those that are, I’d like to share with you my brand spandangly new pet blog:


A place I can waffle on to my hearts content about the many and varied ups and downs – mostly ups – that our four legged friends can bring an ordinary(ish) family.

I’d love for you fellow animal-loving nutters to have a look.

Follow on twitter @furrbuddies


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