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Show Me Show Me. . . A CBeebies App!

Ah what a fab day we had . . .


Our house-hold is very big on CBeebies. We don’t have sky, Disney channels and the like. I really don’t see the need when the BBC do it so darn well. There are no characters with attitude, no bad behaviours to copy however innocent it can seem, and – a bit of a geeky Mum comment here – with pretty much every programme, you learn something.

So we were thrilled to be invited along to the CBeebies headquarters to preview something top secret, followed by a tour around the new set of Show Me Show Me. (If you haven’t seen it, it’s very much a modern version of my old favourite, Playschool. Gibby loves Show Me Show Me, and especially one of the presenters, Pui.)

What a day we had! Grace met Cat, one of the presenters who was every inch as nice as she seems.

“I seen you on my…

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Primary School. Secondary citizen.

We got the letter. The letter telling us Gibby has a place at a school we didn’t choose. A school I will have to drive to in order for her to get there, in an already highly congested area.

To take her there every morning, I will have to drive past the primary school I wanted her to go to. The school that is less than 5 minutes walk down the road. The school where she already knows other pupils and I feel is absolutely right for her.

What . . . The. . . . F??!!

I am appealing, but have been told because of the high number of siblings and the places being full, it’s kind of tough.

I feel really sad about this. Sad that in an already hugely over populated country, the parents of only children seem like the very last priority. Sad that I was one of the few Mums I know that was actually excited about the school process – that was looking forward to taking her for the first time, knowing how much I used to enjoy it, and never doubting that she’d attend the school on our doorstep.

Now I am just frustrated and upset that my one chance at this important chapter in my only child’s life has been marred by a ridiculous system.

Michael Gove knew this was a high birth year. Provisions could have and should have been made.

I guess it’s just tough tits to the first borns.

Rant probably very much NOT over. Watch this space.

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Why Pick a Greyhound?

On the dog blog today, why to consider a greyhound if you’re thinking of expanding the family – in a canine kinda way.


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Nutribullet for Kids

We got a Nutribullet, and I kind of love it. It’s tougher than a blender, easily whizzing up raw veg, nuts and seeds. It’s less faff than a juicer, and you don’t loose the goodness from the fibre in the skins and pulp. It all goes in and gets pounded. It’s great!


Since getting mine, I can honestly say that my fruit and veg intake has gone way up. Fruit in particular was always more of a chore than a pleasure for me to eat, but I’ve been whizzing up various combinations in my Nutribullet every morning, and it’s making healthy eating much MUCH easier. But, enough about me!

A real bonus I hadn’t planned on is how interested, and how much fun Gibby has found our new contraption. We’ve had tremendous fun chopping and whizzing together

***Obviously always supervised – the Nutribullet has fast and powerful blades that should be used only by adults***

but prepping and watching the results has proved to be a great learning curve for the little one. After a few hits and misses, I thought I’d share Gibby’s favourite Nutribullet recipes. At the moment, they’re mostly fruit based, but im happy with that. Maybe more veg can be gradually introduced as we go along. After all, it’s hard enough getting good food into them, right?

Breakfast Bullet

– One banana.
– Table spoon of any yoghurt you have in.
– Table spoon of peanut butter.
– A few mango chunks (optional).
– Squeeze of honey (optional).
– Handful so sunflower seeds.
– Milk up to the max line.

Not one for nut allergies but G LOVES this and enjoys chopping the banana for me. It’s really filling too.



– Handful of fresh strawberries.
– Handful of blueberries.
– A few drops of vanilla extract.
– Strawberry yoghurt – a table spoon.
– Milk up to the max line.

Spinach Smoothie aka Witches Brew!

– Handful of spinach leaves.
– An apple.
– Handful of green grapes.
– Table spoon of vanilla yoghurt.
– Apple juice up to the max line.

This one is REALLY green. Any green fruit can be added to the spinach (which you honestly can’t taste) but we find that the yoghurt and the apple juice really make it tasty enough for little pallets. We made a big deal of its greenness – and as soon as we called it a “witches brew” and served it up with an evil cackle, she couldn’t get it down fast enough!

Another favourite kitchen item in the Waterbirthplease household is the Zoku instant lolly maker. It’s exactly as it sounds – it’s kept int the freezer, and makes lovely ice lollies in 5-10 mins from any liquid you care to put in. We’ve found it perfect for some of our Nuribullet mixes, but obviously, any old lolly moulds will do for our two favourite, super simple recipes:

– Strawberries, banana, and yoghurt. Simple . . . Boom!

– Oranges and mango with a dash of water. OMG these taste like sherbet. Mr Waterbirthplease is a little partial to these too, and Gibby loves to make them.






While we’re on the subject of frozen things –

Nutribullet Banana Icecream

Easiest Icecream you’ll ever make!

– Chop a banana into chunks and freeze.
– Whizz up the frozen chunks in the Nutribullet with about a cupful of milk – add it gradually till you get the right consistency.

Done. And it’s honestly gorgeous.

Bedtime Bullet.

A supper time snack. Bananas help promote sleep because they contain natural muscle-relaxants . Pumpkin seeds are also thought to be high in sleep-enhancing amino acids.

– One banana.
– Warmed milk – to preferred consistency.
– Squeeze of honey.
– Tea Spoonful of pumpkin seeds.
– Pinch of cinnamon.

There may well be more posts to follow about our blending adventures! Do let me know if you try any.

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Time again to big up a talented individual who I think deserves a blog post, spreading the word about the lovely things they make. If you missed previous posts on this theme, I started with a pledge to try and buy handmade for Christmas, and decided to continue supporting independent business with a series of posts about a few of my favourite on-line sellers.

Just to remind you:

I have received no free products or payment of any kind.

They have not even asked me to write a post about them.

This is entirely of my own volition – a fist bump to all the Davids out there, and a V sign to the Golliaths.

So – drum roll please for Juesaics

Julie makes beautiful stained/fused glass and mosaic art. She has pieces already made and for sale, but will also make commissioned pieces if you have something in particular in mind and she is a pleasure to deal with.

When we did up Grace’s new bedroom, I left the gap in the wall where the fire had been – back in the olden days and that – as I wanted to make it into a kind of in built dolls house. I commissioned Julie to make a special mosaic piece that would fit into the old hearth. I wanted Gibby’s initials and date of birth, and a rainbow. Here’s what I got:


And here’s what it looked like insitu.



I was thrilled. Gibby was thrilled. It looks fantastic with the painted boards and has created a genuinely unique feature in her bedroom. If we didn’t have the hearth, I’d have probably gone for a wall piece or maybe a small table top, as I just loved the idea of a personal mosaic in her room. Hey – it’s different.

Juesaics also make very pretty sun catchers, jewellery, and fused glass pieces. Totally original gift ideas.


Our next major project this summer will be FINALLY sorting our garden out. I think I’ll definitely be getting in touch for something a bit special outside.

For prices, items for sale, or a pootle about of a website full of lovely shiney things, check out Julie’s Facebook page here.

Or her on line “wow thank you” shop here.

Big up the handmade! #SupportHandmade


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