Time again to big up a talented individual who I think deserves a blog post, spreading the word about the lovely things they make. If you missed previous posts on this theme, I started with a pledge to try and buy handmade for Christmas, and decided to continue supporting independent business with a series of posts about a few of my favourite on-line sellers.

Just to remind you:

I have received no free products or payment of any kind.

They have not even asked me to write a post about them.

This is entirely of my own volition – a fist bump to all the Davids out there, and a V sign to the Golliaths.

So – drum roll please for Juesaics

Julie makes beautiful stained/fused glass and mosaic art. She has pieces already made and for sale, but will also make commissioned pieces if you have something in particular in mind and she is a pleasure to deal with.

When we did up Grace’s new bedroom, I left the gap in the wall where the fire had been – back in the olden days and that – as I wanted to make it into a kind of in built dolls house. I commissioned Julie to make a special mosaic piece that would fit into the old hearth. I wanted Gibby’s initials and date of birth, and a rainbow. Here’s what I got:


And here’s what it looked like insitu.



I was thrilled. Gibby was thrilled. It looks fantastic with the painted boards and has created a genuinely unique feature in her bedroom. If we didn’t have the hearth, I’d have probably gone for a wall piece or maybe a small table top, as I just loved the idea of a personal mosaic in her room. Hey – it’s different.

Juesaics also make very pretty sun catchers, jewellery, and fused glass pieces. Totally original gift ideas.


Our next major project this summer will be FINALLY sorting our garden out. I think I’ll definitely be getting in touch for something a bit special outside.

For prices, items for sale, or a pootle about of a website full of lovely shiney things, check out Julie’s Facebook page here.

Or her on line “wow thank you” shop here.

Big up the handmade! #SupportHandmade


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