Primary School. Secondary citizen.

We got the letter. The letter telling us Gibby has a place at a school we didn’t choose. A school I will have to drive to in order for her to get there, in an already highly congested area.

To take her there every morning, I will have to drive past the primary school I wanted her to go to. The school that is less than 5 minutes walk down the road. The school where she already knows other pupils and I feel is absolutely right for her.

What . . . The. . . . F??!!

I am appealing, but have been told because of the high number of siblings and the places being full, it’s kind of tough.

I feel really sad about this. Sad that in an already hugely over populated country, the parents of only children seem like the very last priority. Sad that I was one of the few Mums I know that was actually excited about the school process – that was looking forward to taking her for the first time, knowing how much I used to enjoy it, and never doubting that she’d attend the school on our doorstep.

Now I am just frustrated and upset that my one chance at this important chapter in my only child’s life has been marred by a ridiculous system.

Michael Gove knew this was a high birth year. Provisions could have and should have been made.

I guess it’s just tough tits to the first borns.

Rant probably very much NOT over. Watch this space.


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