Gibby is going through a phase at the moment that is both charming and annoying in equal measure. Some weeks ago, she was playing in the garden and came rushing inside to present me with a flower. A dandelion to be exact. “Here you go Mummy, I picked this sunshine flower for you!”

“Aaaawwwwww thank you sweetheart” I gushed, and hugged my little flower fairy tight. After all, how flippin’ sweet is that? Whether it’s a big beautiful bouquet from your other half (I’m sure that must have happened at some point if memory serves) or a daffodil from your daughter – who doesn’t love to get flowers? It struck me as a thoroughly sweet and thoughtful thing for a little girl to do and I treasured that moment. I have been genuinely moved by the excitement Grace has shown by the arrival of Spring. She has been fascinated with it, and seems to find a very deep and genuine joy in all kind of flowers, trees, bugs and the like. I love this about her.

However, since the dandelion event I have been presented with a gradually increasing number of further dandelions/daisies/contents of next door’s flower tubs (sorry if you’re reading this) and general floral paraphernalia several times a day. Every day. Every walk – be it a long one in the countryside with the dogs or a short one from the car door to the front door – cannot go uninteruppted every three steps or so in joyous rapture at the discovery and picking of the nearest weed.

I have gone from placing the snippings lovingly in little water-filled glasses around the house, to thanking her in earnest and subtly chucking them away round the nearest corner when she isn’t looking. Bad Mummy . . . I know.

Over the weeks I have discovered dead rotting flowers in various forms throughout the house, the car, handbags, shoes, on patio tables, in animal beds and even in the fridge! (I have no recollection of that one.)

So before one of you lot comment I’ll say it first:

Yes! I shall try my utmost to relish the flower-giving phase, before she grows up, hormones kick in, and I’m privileged to receive so much as eye contact, let alone a dandelion and a hug.

I think it’s worth putting up with a bit of random flora and forna in exchange for such a nature-loving little being anyway.

Good job none of us have hayfever really!



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8 responses to “Flowers.

  1. Leanne

    Love your stories . I always tell Emily my 5 year old that when spring starts she can pick me a few but then she has to stop and leave them to grow for all the other people to enjoy , it seems to be working for now . 🙂

  2. Kelly x

    She keeps picking them for me to 🙂

  3. This post really made me laugh because Ale is going through the same phase! Mainly dandelions!……on our walk to school I usually get one and I got caught throwing it away the other morning!!! Ramon told me yesterday that Ale had tried to pick a big rose out of someones garden at the weekend and got a few cuts…….aw bless them!……I also keep getting presented with an envelope with Mama on it every day and inside a little stick drawing of Mama and Ale

    • Aw really Kate? Maybe it was the way the stars were aligned the day they were born? SO glad it’s not just me trying to sneakily throw them away – although I haven’t been caught yet 🙂

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