Butlins Skegness – First Impressions


Butlins was not what I was expecting! I knew it’d been updated radically and I hoped I’d be pleasantly surprised, but what I didn’t expect was for it to be quite so charming!



Our first day has been fab. Honestly it has. Check in was a breeze, parking was no problem, and although the numbering system on the apartments seems a bit bonkers, we found our gold accommodation with minimum fuss. Not only was the exterior of the apartments a big thumbs up, the inside was lovely too.


Gibby ran around her “little house” with glee, and took an age to decide which bed she would be sleeping in. Everything was clean, fresh, modern and in marvellously good nick.


Packing for Butlins, I ummed and ahhh’d over a few items, so for those who have booked an apartment and may be wondering what you may need to take, here is what you DON’T need as its already supplied in your accommodation:

Travel iron
Hair drier
Washing line/rack
Dish cloth
Washing up liquid (small amount supplied)
Tea/coffee/sugar/milk (small sachets/pots only)
Extra pillow. There are two each.
Basic toiletries – as you would expect in a hotel room.

Plastic cups, cutlery and plates etc are not provided for very young children so you may want to bring your own.

So after a brew and a freshen up, we head off into the unknown world of the Redcoats and our adventure begins!


Oh my goodness there is a LOT to do. I’d recommend marking the events you think you might like on the guide you get when you check in (which is super user friendly) then see how you feel and how busy they are when you’re out and about, as you may find yourselves too distracted with the play areas, interactive water fountains, giant’s beach chair, outdoor activities, beach etc.



***TOP TIP ALERT*** if you can help it, i’d try not to mention to young kids about the shows. We have kept shtum about the Scooby Doo show. She loves Scooby Doo so this may seem mean, but not half as mean as queuing for hours and then not getting a seat. (The queues can be looooooong. Especially for the “centre stage”.) Yes, they have a ‘B line’ system to ensure a good seat, but that’s expensive, and erks me a little to be honest. Not everyone’s budget can run to it, and they sell out pretty quickly anyway.

That said, we had no major trouble with over-crowding at the tots disco or the Mike The Knight show that followed it in the Skyline pavilion. It was busy, but not to the point where Gibby didn’t enjoy it. Perhaps not my cup of tea to be in the Pavillion for too much time (we ended up sending Dad for a Burger King for fear of losing a good table) but worth a visit or two for the kids as they have some lovely stuff for the little ones going on – shops, arcades, cinema etc as well as the shows.


In other words – so far so good Butlins! The forecast for day two is awful, and I have family visiting for the day, so it’ll be a real test to keep the kids happy and the grown ups stress free. . . Watch this space!

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  1. Lovely pictures, aww I bet you all had fun 🙂

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