Butlins in the Rain

Ok so day one of our Butlins break was undeniably a thumbs up. The sun was shining, the beach was fab, the outdoor facilities were plentiful and not too crowded. Good times.


Day two and three of our break haven’t been as much fun, but that was largely due to the weather. We’re not talking pleasant summer showers here, we’re talking relentless pouring down and a cold chilly wind. The thing is, yes – there are undoubtably a wide range of indoor activities for when the weather is bad. BUT without the dilution of guests splitting themselves between inside and out . . . oh my goodness it’s busy!! You must be prepared to queue for pretty much everything. My brother, sister in law, niece and nephew came to visit us for the day and only stayed for a couple of hours. As my sister in law so aptly put it “It’s Britiain! Surely they could have something in place for the outdoor stuff in the rain? A few tarpaulins or something?”


Day two called for pretty much a full day in the Skyline – the large indoor tent where the vast majority of the entertainment is. Now we are an outdoor kind of family, so I am very mindful of the fact that whilst we weren’t Skyline fans per se – we spoke to plenty of families that come back year after year and love the place. There is certainly something to be said for so much under one roof – shows, shops, restaurants, rides – and if you can get a table somewhere, then you can just sit back whilst the kids enjoy the entertainment.


I must admit – I did enjoy the arcades. A hark back to my youth of growing up on Cleethorpes seafront perhaps. Gibby LOVED the shove penny machines and we got a bit obsessive about winning a pirate ring. (It took about £4 in 2ps but don’t care – got the sucker!!) Sometimes it’s the simple things . . . .


Day three was my pre booked visit to the spa and oh . . . My. . . Goodness did I feel ready for it. My husband took Gibby to see the Scooby Doo live show (which after managing to persuade a 4 year old to queue for over an hour, he got in by the skin of his teeth. Good work there stu!) whilst I went to de-stress.


I had a long swim in a virtually empty and lovely pool, a sauna, jacuzzi, and steam room session followed by a facial, and one of the best massages I’ve ever had (I am a huge massage fan as I have back issues – this one beat some of the really high-end places I’d been to and paid twice as much for.)

Butlins have definitely got their spa spot on, and thank you to the staff and to Amy for saving my sanity that day!

Highlights –

Once they got in, I was told the Scooby Doo show was fabulous. It certainly made Gibby’s day! She still hasn’t stopped talking about it!


The Ballet class with Angelina Ballerina. Super cute.

The breakfast and buffet dinner included in the premium dining package were lovely (busy of course, but really nice food and a huge variety.)

The Spa – bliss!

Titan the robot. A kids show Mum and Dad enjoyed just as much! Robots are cool. Fact.


The Splash Waterworld. – Amazing pool! Small slides, big slides, water currents, starlit caves, waterfalls, fountains . . . Just fab.

The hire shop! Get yourself there and hire a buggy. We had great fun, even on the rain.

The animal show we thought was particularly good and not as busy as some of the others.

The Lows

Queues queues queues. We queued for breakfast, shows, photo opportunities and the pool (awesome pool but horrendously busy in the changing rooms. Queued for a locker/ a changing room / a shower and a changing room again after the swim.)

Having one child age 4 means she’s done in by about 7pm. The evening entertainment was completely missed as we had to get her to bed. Good job the apartment is so nice!




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4 responses to “Butlins in the Rain

  1. We stayed in Bognor and had a great time too, just wished we had more sunshine to make it that bit extra special 🙂 I want to try the spa too 🙂

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