Why She Thinks Frozen Is “a bit rubbish”

“Mummy can I watch Peter Pan?”

Again Gibby? Really?”

“Yes please, I love Peter Pan.”

“How about Frozen? You’ve only watched that once or twice since we got it. Shall we watch Frozen?”

“No thank you – it’s a bit rubbish.”

“Is it?! Why’s it a bit rubbish?”
***Deep sigh. Starts to count out reasons on her fingers.***

– “It’s not got any pirates.
– It’s not got any fairies.
– It’s not got anybody flying in it.
– There’s no sword fighting.
– There’s no mermaids.
– It’s not got Red Indians.
– It’s not got a funny crocodile.
– AND it’s a bit cold.”

She has a point I guess. Peter Pan it is.

All together now . . . “When there’s a smile in your heart . . . ”



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